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Dec 01 2023
Ho Ho Ho! Santa has been spotted in RetroCores, carrying a huge sack full of goodies and presents. Have you been nice or naughty this year?
Nov 22 2023
Client version 1.62 has been released, if you are using the Wine or Linux client you will need to download the latest version manually.
Nov 21 2023
Client version 1.61 has been released, if you are using the Wine or Linux client you will need to download the latest version manually.
Nov 14 2023
Solera is now back online!
Nov 14 2023
Solera is currently offline for some maintenance work, we're working to bring it back up as soon as possible!
Changelog: Latest entry was made 2 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 6 days ago.

Nov 18 2023
Dual-launch event - Unitera(US) and Valoria(EU) launching on November 24!
Welcome to all RetroCorians who have come to enjoy the best of what classic Tibia has to offer!
The RetroCores team is excited to finally present to you: The dual-launch event of RetroCores!
It's been 2 years since any similar worlds has been launched in RetroCores!

With low rates, runes only created by the players themselves, accurate 7.4 formulas and tons more this is guaranteed to bring back all the good memories of the past!

RetroCores will launch 2 new Open-PVP servers:
  • Unitera - USA, Miami
  • Valoria - Europe, Germany
  •  No runes from NPCs
  •  Limited store (nothing abuseable)
  •  Accurate 7.4 formulas
  •  Classic premium system
  •  Traditional promotion system
  •  No runes on hotkeys
  •  No wands/rods
  •  7.4 map + New areas to give extra taste
  •  Anti-lag systems to ensure smooth gameplay
  • Market
For further information about RetroCores features, have a look at the information page!

  • 2x Experience*
  • 2x Regen
  • 1x Loot
  • 1x Magic
  • 2x Skills
*1x gain, but half as much experience required to level up.
See: Experience Table

These two worlds are twins, they're identical in every aspect with exception of location.
This means that you can chose the world that suits you.
It's also possible for you to world-transfer between them in case you change your mind for whatever reason.

Anti-lag system:
With our newest anti-lag systems all players with a higher ping are guaranteed a much smoother experience than ever before! Finding a server to experience smooth, lag-free gameplay will not be a problem.
Not even for players who live far away from the server locations and would normally experience latency issues!

Will RetroCores shut down/reset at some point?
No, RetroCores goes back to 2019 and has never had any "surprises" such as resets and more.
There have never been a reset of our normal worlds, and will never be!

What's new with this "era"?
With 4 years of evolving RetroCores, trying to keep players busy with new content, while staying true to the oldschool feeling, we are for sure doing some interesting progress, not always easy, but we've come a far way, and can now say with true words that RetroCores can keep players busy and happy far above level 100 which is not the case for the "virgin 7.4".
There are legendary mysteries that's still unsolved, there are areas that nobody yet has visited, and there's hunting spots many doesn't know yet.
Explore the game, and find secrets others doesn't know about!

What's the plans for future?
We hope to keep evolving RetroCores, making it more attractive game to stay with for many years or even permanently, while keeping our roots in the oldschool.
It's a tricky path, but we are walking it and we've come so far!
We hope as many as possible of you, preferably all of you, join us in discussions about RetroCores future, so we together can do impressive things and overcome obstacles and stay big and strong for as long as possible!

If you're new to the community, join the RetroCores Discord server to chat with other players and staff!

The dual-launch event of RetroCores will launch on November 24, 17:00 CET.
Character-creations will open 1 hour before the launch!

RetroCores Staff
Nov 13 2023
Update 1.60 -New store, massive background-upgrades
We're happy to present you with RetroCores update 1.60!
This update is just another update there we've worked on improving RetroCores stability and availability!

New store
We took the old store and threw it out the window, and from the absence we build a whole new store instead!
This store has a much better stability and security than previous store, and chance for problems with it is much lower than previous store.
In terms of categories and items, the new store is much more fluid and flexible making it easier for players to use and understand, while at same time offer more complex abilities as we move forward into the future.

New Functionalities:
Hide unbuyable products
A simple yet elegant way of cleaning the store from everything you simply can't purchase.
Things that you cannot afford, or just doesn't have the requirements for.

You can search for any product, a quick way of locating products from anywhere in the store.

Better information
When you click any product, it will open up in a large view there additional information will be displayed, and if the product has any requirements they will be listed in there as well so you always know when/how you can purchase certain products on other characters.
And of course, you can see which category the product belongs to so you can navigate to it without using search.


Massive background-upgrades
We've spent a great deal of time, energy and efforts on upgrading the RetroCores client.
The results of these upgrades will make the game smoother, more stable and secure.
Of course, maintaining and upgrading the background of the client, game and website is a never ending task, and we're going to keep at it!

RetroCores Staff
Oct 02 2023
Update 1.59 -Market, Inbox, Global Depots, Depots & Bank in Rookgaard
We're happy to present you with RetroCores update 1.59!
This update brings new great things to RetroCores!

Depot Inbox
Clustered depots have been a problem of the past, there you might gotten so much mail that you've been unable to access your depot without some serious cleaning up.
Which could be trouble-some if you needed to collect something quickly before running away.
This wont be a problem anymore, as of today all incoming mail will be sent to your inbox located in your depot.
Global Depots
RetroCores now have global depots, you'll be able to see the same items no matter what town you're in.
This was decided by a poll which can be seen here: Polls -What's your opinion about depot access?

Rookgaard Depot
Finally, have our rookstayers a place to safely store their items!
They've also been given an inbox in preparation of future which might bring things there an inbox may come in handy!

Rookgaard Bank
Not only a depot, but a bank as well!
You can now store your money in a safe and easy way, additional to storing, you can change gold and even transfer to fellow players.
Note however that the Bank of Rookgaard cannot receive nor send transfers outside Rookgaard.

Shop Coins
The time of the Shop Coins has arrived and replaced the old shop point scroll!
These nifty coins can be bought in the store and carried by your character, a much easier and safe way to trade among players, as you can split them up 1 by 1 without a hassle.
Not to mention that you now don't have to pay 10% fee to receive them as you earlier had to with the old scrolls.

If you want to get the shop points out of the coins, you simply use a stack of them, be it 1 or 100, whatever is in the stack when used, they will be sent as shop points into your account and ready to be used as points elsewhere.
Ps, your old shop point scrolls are safe, they still exist, they'll just not be available in the store anymore!

We've finally added a market to RetroCores!
No more waiting for potential buyers/sellers that might not even be online when you are, it's the time of seeing what's available and buy easily, and putting your new loot up for sale and then enjoy the other aspects of the game rather that screaming until your throat is sore, arguing with buyers/sellers to come/go places, waiting for that guy to finish his hunt to sell you something you desperately wants.

In this market, exists almost every item that can be traded in RetroCores, but also it's much more understanding of depot management while browsing the market, as you can have the market open and at same time browse around in depot.
A much easier way to have a clean day, selling out everything you don't need and being able to move through the depot and relocate items back and forth while still having the market open and available.

Additionally to being friendly by allowing you to use the depot at same time as the market is open, the prices are highlighted for you, to ensure you don't make a fatal mistake and sell your most precious rare for 1 gold.
Price per item is highlighted in yellow, while the total price is highlighted in orange, making it much easier for a busy mind to identify which price is which, with less chance of being confused.

Additional changes
  • Fixed few map glitches around the world.
  • Improved the tools window (anti-idle, food eater).
  • Improved CAM systems.

We hope you'll enjoy this update and that you'll stay with us for a long time to come!

RetroCores Staff
Oct 01 2023
Beware, beware the halloween hare
Again the spooky season is upon us, and once more that wicked creature, the Halloween Hare, is on the loose!

The vicious bunny loves to sneak up on the unwary, and many innocent travellers has been transformed by its mysterious magic!
There are reports that now some of its victims are turned into particularly monstrous beings!
So you who leave the safety of your home town and venture forth into the wilderness, beware lest you be turned into a creature of the night!

Spooky October!

RetroCores Staff
Sep 20 2023
Update 1.58 - Addons, Improvements
Today we're happy to present you with RetroCores 1.58!

With this update we've finally made addons possible!
We've kicked it off with adding the 7 classic outfits that can wear addons, in a quite traditional way.
You can see a list of available outfits and addons in our library.

And in the future we're going to add more outfits with addons!

Together with ability for addons, we've added the necessary items for to be able to make them in the traditional way.
Additionally, we've added quest for both obsidian knife and blessed wooden stake.

We've also added Ferumbras with a own raid, but be careful, he might not be as you think!

Additional fixes/changes
  • Made surprise boxes stackable.
  • Increase raid rate among more rare raids.
  • Fixed a glitch that made it hard jumping in CAMs. (this also made you more likely to lagg on weaker PCs).
  • Background performance upgrade of both game and client.

We hope you'll enjoy this update and that you'll be looking forward facing the future together with us in RetroCores!

RetroCores Staff
Unitera Valoria

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