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Dec 30 2020
The whole website is back online again after the section-closedown for background upgrades!
Dec 29 2020
The war-server have been updated and now support version 1.18 along with the fixed walk issues!
Dec 10 2020
Due to a glitch that's eating the worlds resources an additional server-save was necessary at 10:40 CET. this glitch was accidentally included in a tiny-update at server-save today.
Dec 06 2020
At Server-Save of December 7, 10:00 CET, Eternia will be offline for 10-15 minutes longer than usual due to hardware upgrade that's necessary with the growing activity.
Dec 05 2020
We are expecting the events along with a website update to be released shortly after this weekend (Mon-Wed), and by the end of the week we should have released two additional hunting-spots to Liberty Bay (Thu-Fri)!
Changelog: Latest entry was made 1 day ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 34 minutes ago.
Game Worlds Overview
Overall Maximum: 3,583 players (on May 6th 2020, 16:48 CEST)
Amera 204 America, Miami
NORMAL 2x rate
Antica 17 Europe, Germany
NORMAL 2x rate
Eternia 600 Europe, Germany
NORMAL 2x rate
Harmonia 29 Europe, Germany
NORMAL 2x rate
Isara 0 Europe, Germany
HARDCORE 1x rate
Lutabra 0 America, New York
LAWLESS 2x rate
Nova 209 Brazil, Sao Paulo
NORMAL 2x rate
Testia 2 Europe, France
TEST 20x rate

Special Worlds
War Server
0 Europe, France WAR
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