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Dec 02 2022
Tomorrow marks the end of the current season of Zenera. The world will after that be cleaned out and all characters converted into pools.
Sep 16 2022
Today Solera will enjoy 50% bonus on Experience, Skill and Loot as a compensation on yesterdays issues. However Solera may experience more issues so be careful that the game could suddenly clean the map.
Sep 15 2022
Due to attacks on Solera the connection will be unstable. We advise using caution until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Sep 15 2022
Solera is back online after an issue caused the world to be put on idle.
Sep 02 2022
Client version 1.47 has been released, if you are using the Wine or Linux client you will need to download the latest version manually.
Changelog: Latest entry was made 1 day ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 16 days ago.
World Information
General Information
World Name:Solera
Players Online:18
Online Record:1,299 (September 11th 2022, 20:49 CEST)
Launch Date:September, 2022
Location: America, Miami
PVP-Type: Open-PVP
Pace-Type:LAWLESS 16x-1x rate
Character Transfer:
Antibot Measures:COMMUNITY
Next Server Save in:5 hours, 17 minutes, 26 seconds
List Type:Player Names
Delayed content status (world quests)
The Rune Accords
Users Online
Batataom284Elite Knight
Scout Boy177Elite Knight
Kurwazk216Elite Knight
Pro Kid201Master Sorcerer
Explosao Tchacabum60Master Sorcerer
Pro Kiid208Master Sorcerer
Undead Fabian211Elite Knight
Bubaloou153Elite Knight
Hashtag Adura'Vita59Elder Druid
Bientek171Elite Knight
Urasrscw66Elite Knight
Bagare Ben25Elder Druid
Rumpnisse147Elite Knight
Sagita228Elite Knight
Duvi103Elite Knight
Bengt Press47Elder Druid
Woixo191Master Sorcerer
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