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May 06 2021
Harmonia will today be used to test out a whole new performance update that in theory will make the game much stronger and smoother, if everything works out fine, the update will affect all worlds by the next server-save.
Apr 29 2021
Zenera is back online and available again after a few hours of being stuck in a frozen state.
Apr 24 2021
We have now moved the War-Server from France to Miami to offer better and more equal connection for all players around the world.
Apr 23 2021
At sever-save of Apil 24, 10:00 CEST Zenera will be offline a few minutes longer to apply some network upgrades that will greatly improve performance.
Apr 23 2021
Today we upgraded Harmonia dedicated to better handle the player activity, the last dedicated was bit too weak for the growing activity on Harmonia.
Changelog: Latest entry was made 3 minutes ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 2 hours ago.
Troll Cave Quest
Name Troll Cave Quest
Location Edron (Mainland)
Min level 0
Reward brass legs, garlic necklace
4157 players have completed this quest
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