Nov 08 2019
You can now go ahead and create your characters!
Nov 01 2019
You can go ahead and create accounts if you'd like that, However creating characters will not be possible until 1 hour before the launch.
Nov 01 2019
RetroCores will launch officially on November 8, 18:00 CET!
Changelog: Latest entry was made 2 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 3 hours ago.

Orc Warlord
Avg dmg/2 sec:140 hp
Max Combo:370 hp
Abilities:melee, physical,
Mana Cost:-

Sounds:"Ranat Ulderek!", "Orc buta bana!", "Ikem rambo zambo!", "Futchi maruk buta!",
Immunities:fire, outfit, drunk, invisible,

Tasks:Orc Warlords (200 kills)

They Carry: (common, semi-rare, rare, very-rare)
gold coin, throwing star, fish, plate armor, plate legs, orcish axe, scimitar, protection amulet, two handed sword, fire sword, dark helmet, brass armor, crusader helmet, dragon hammer,

Avg NPC Loot Value: 178 gp

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