Mar 01 2020
Today we released first phase of Liberty Bay, it includes the main islands, laguna islands, treasure island and Meriana island.
Feb 29 2020
Harmonia world transfers have now been opened!
Feb 19 2020
Elysia world transfers have now been opened!
Feb 19 2020
Antica is now online again after the maintenance!
Feb 18 2020
Tomorrow, on February 19, Antica will be offline for a few hours to address the ping-spike issues.
Changelog: Latest entry was made 6 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 3 hours ago.

Avg dmg/2 sec:91 hp
Max Combo:255 hp
Abilities:melee, lifedrain, paralyze, outfit,
Mana Cost:-

Sounds:"BLOOD!", "Let me kiss your neck.", "I smell warm blood.", "I call you, my bats! Come!",
Immunities:poison, lifedrain, paralyze, outfit, drunk, invisible,

Tasks:Vampires (600 kills)

They Carry: (common, semi-rare, rare, very-rare)
gold coin, grave flower, katana, black pearl, skull, spike sword, strange helmet, ice rapier, emerald bangle, bronze amulet, vampire shield,

Avg NPC Loot Value: 61 gp

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