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Dec 18 2023
Client version 1.63 has been released, if you are using the Wine or Linux client you will need to download the latest version manually.
Dec 01 2023
Ho Ho Ho! Santa has been spotted in RetroCores, carrying a huge sack full of goodies and presents. Have you been nice or naughty this year?
Nov 22 2023
Client version 1.62 has been released, if you are using the Wine or Linux client you will need to download the latest version manually.
Nov 21 2023
Client version 1.61 has been released, if you are using the Wine or Linux client you will need to download the latest version manually.
Nov 14 2023
Solera is now back online!
Changelog: Latest entry was made 94 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 83 days ago.
The Pest Extermination
Every city has pests that needs to be under control for both health and environmental reasons.
Through high efforts, every city has an extermination agent in control to keep the pest under control and to hire reliable help to take care of the pest.

What kind of pest is active is depending on what city and what climate the city is in.
Most of the pests are small enough so you can walk straight over them.
Normally, pests ignore players in the area, however it seems if a player shows signs of aggression, the pests might attack him.

You can help keeping pest under control by reporting to your exterminator officer in your city.
You'll then be charged with killing 10 pests in your city, and bring back their corpses as proof that you really did kill them.

Once a mission has been completed, you can choose between:
  • 500 Experience
  • 500 Gold Coins
  • Surprise Box
These missions can be repeated once per server-save and minimum 8 hours apart.
Each city is considered it's own mission, and can be both combined and completed during the same day.
Which means, a character can make the mission in Rookgaard, go to main and complete the 12 other town missions on the very same day.

Surprise Box
On average the surprise boxes contain rewards of 500 gold value.
And with luck, you can obtain expensive items through them.
And depending on your luck, you might get a box with higher average value which will give you chance to get even more expensive items and even rares.

Boxes that can be obtained:
  • -Brown Surprise Box, avg 500 gp (very common)
  • -Orange Surprise Box, avg 650 gp (rare)
  • -Yellow Surprise Box, avg 750 gp (rare)
  • -Green Surprise Box, avg 950 gp (very rare)
  • -Blue Surprise Box, avg 1,250 gp (very rare)
  • -Pink Surprise Box, avg 3,000 gp (incredible rare)
  • -Purple Surprise Box, avg 25,000 gp (extremely rare)
Both level and luck plays part of which box you'll obtain.
The higher level you are, the less luck is required to obtain the purple box.
A level 8 could obtain a purple box, however it's extremely unlikely, while it's easier for a high level.

These boxes can contain almost any of the multiple hundred items that exists.
With extreme luck, you might even get a golden helmet or another "super rare".

It's possible to make these missions in Rookgaard as well, however the reward is different for obvious reasons.
The reward choosing between: 100 experience, 100 gold coins or a surprise box.
However in Rookgaard the surprise box only have 10% of their value (50 gold avg for brown box for example), and much more strict in items.

But even though the restrictions, it does give a little flavor in Rookgaard, as it's possible to loot many items that's normally impossible to obtain in Rookgaard.
With extreme luck, you might obtain steel helmet, plate armor, plate legs or why not a dark shield!

Special note
These pest creatures are very small, you can walk right over them.
Additionally, you cannot see their name nor their health in neither game window nor battle list.
This makes them slightly trickier to find!
Exterminator Tasks
Rookgaard (+1) Exterminator Titch Mouse
Thais Exterminator Freiberg Sly Wolf
Carlin Exterminator Relyea Mite
Ab'dendriel Exterminator Loge Pixi
Kazordoon (-3) Exterminator Mady Brown Spider
Venore (+2) Exterminator Vires Puck
Edron Exterminator Hoppin Bogey
Darashia Exterminator Dehrer Beetle
Ankrahmun (+3) Exterminator Kasack Krait
Port Hope Exterminator Matchett Wiggler
Liberty Bay Exterminator Jelovich Grump
Weston Exterminator Eloy Mouse
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