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May 03 2023
Due to abuse of the Death Reduction system in Zenera, it have been taken off until further notice.
Apr 27 2023
After a unforeseen glitch in client 1.55 update, we have updated all clients once more at 12:50 CEST, the glitch made you unable to message other players, it's recommended to update it as soon as possible if you haven't already. Windows client will update itself when restarted, while Wine/Linux client must be downloaded.
Apr 27 2023
Client version 1.55 has been released, if you are using the Wine or Linux client you will need to download the latest version manually.
Apr 20 2023
Today we've added a reseller (Curse Diamonds) which offers more payment methods for shop points.
Apr 16 2023
Client version 1.54 has been released, if you are using the Wine or Linux client you will need to download the latest version manually.
Changelog: Latest entry was made 36 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 4 days ago.


Sell OffersBuy Offers
Amazon Armor55,000
Amazon Helmet45,000
Amazon Shield50,000
Ancient Amulet200
Ancient Hammer225,000
Ancient Spellbook350,000
Angelic Axe5,000
Annihilation Bear300,000
Beastslayer Axe3,500
Beholder Helmet7,500
Blue Legs15,000
Castle Shield5,000
Crystal Mace12,000
Crystal Necklace400
Crystal Ring250
Daramanian Waraxe1,000
Dark Shield400
Demon Armor300,000
Demon Legs400,000
Demon Shield30,000
Demonwing Axe750,000
Devil Helmet1,000
Dragon Scale Mail40,000
Dragon Slayer15,000
Dragonbone Staff3,000
Draken Trophy65,000
Dwarven Armor30,000
Dynam Armor145,000
Dynam Helmet125,000
Dynam Legs135,000
Dynam Lord's Shield250,000
Emerald Bangle800
Emerald Sword425,000
Fire Robe12,000
Fireborn Giant Armor425,000
Focus Cape6,000
Gold Ring8,000
Golden Armor20,000
Golden Legs70,000
Great Shield175,000
Greyback Armor145,000
Greyback Helmet215,000
Greyback Legs155,000
Greyback Shield160,000
Guardian Axe14,000
Guardian Halberd11,000
Hammer Of Wrath30,000
Hell Amulet70,000
Hellforged Axe425,000
Leopard Armor1,000
Lizard Trophy45,000
Magic Plate Armor140,000
Magic Sword300,000
Master Archer's Armor425,000
Mastermind Shield80,000
Medusa Shield9,000
Metal Spats3,000
Mortar Armor170,000
Mortar Boots125,000
Mortar Helmet95,000
Mortar Legs195,000
Mortar Ring65,000
Mortar Shield115,000
Mycological Bow35,000
Nightmare Blade35,000
Nordic Amulet75,000
Obsidian Truncheon425,000
Onyx Flail22,000
Paladin Robe15,000
Platinum Amulet2,500
Red Legs40,000
Red Robe45,000
Relic Sword25,000
Ring Of The Sky30,000
Robe Of The Underworld425,000
Royal Crossbow425,000
Ruby Necklace2,000
Scarab Amulet200
Scarab Shield2,000
Skull Helmet40,000
Spellbook Of Dark Mysteries425,000
Spellweavers Robe12,000
Spiked Squelcher5,000
Steel Boots30,000
Stonecutter Axe300,000
Swampling Backpack7,000
Swampling Bow12,000
Tempest Shield35,000
Terra Amulet65,000
Terra Boots2,500
Terra Legs11,000
Terra Mantle11,000
The Ratslayer30,000
The Stomper225,000
Thunder Hammer400,000
Titan Axe4,000
War Axe12,000
Warrior Axe9,500
Warrior Hammer19,000
Warrior Shield23,000
Warsinger Bow425,000
Zarec Armor14,000
Zarec Helmet45,000
Zarec Legs14,000
Zarec Shoes5,000

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