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Dec 02 2021
Client version 1.32 has been released, if you are using the Wine or Linux client you will need to download the latest version manually.
Nov 27 2021
A few players didn't receive what they ordered through the store last night, this issue has been fixed and all affected purchases have been removed and points returned to the original accounts.
Nov 22 2021
Client version 1.31 has been released, if you are using the Wine or Linux client you will need to download the latest version manually.
Nov 18 2021
Client version 1.30 has been released, if you are using the Wine or Linux client you will need to download the latest version manually.
Nov 18 2021
We're expecting to release RetroCores 1.30 (Weston Update) few hours after today's server-save, When the update come you'll be notified 20 minutes before the actual update and once at update website and worlds will be offline 5-20 minutes.
Changelog: Latest entry was made 1 day ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 4 minutes ago.

Dec 02 2021
Update 1.32 -Game Settings and general improvements
Today we're happy to present you with client update 1.32, which brings you a new window for Game Settings along with a few other welcomed improvements.
You can find the new window by the following buttons:

And it looks like this:

Remove Emptied Vials
If turned on, the game will automatically remove all empty vials you generate while drinking mana/life fluids.

NPC Purchase Limit
This is the limit to how many items you can purchase from NPCs in one turn.
But be careful, if you buy much more than you can carry and it falls below your character, many of those items could be deleted due to tile limits the game has to protect itself from various things.
Normal tiles have a limit of 100 items, and will delete items that bypass 110.
Protection-Zone tiles have limit of no more than 20, and start deleting items after it passes 30 items.

Also, note that this limit is ten times higher on stackable items such as foods and other things you can stack.
So a limit of 100, means 100 for non-stackable items and 1,000 for stackable items.

GACC Light
This will control your golden-account light, and if you shut it off, it will slowly turn off (10 seconds from full light to darkness).
If you turn it back on it will return instantly.
This option can only be used by golden-account players.

Additional changes have been made with the gacc-light, if you have gacc-light enabled, you can still use light spells, but your character light will not change nor be affected.
If you wish to use larger lights such as "ultimate light" you'll first need to shut off the golden account before casting the spell.

Items that give light works just as normal, it doesn't affect your gacc-light at all and the item will provide the extra light if it's more powerful than gacc-light.

Character List
We've also updated the character list,
We've highlighted the War-Server login and CAM's, so it's easier to see the difference between those and characters.
We've also changed how golden account status is presented with a countdown telling you exactly how much time is left on your golden account.
The new character list looks like this:

Additional changes and fixes:
  • Fixed an issue that caused characters that turned quickly and used spells to shoot in the wrong direction.
  • Fixed an issue that made NPC Jack Fate unable to bring you to Nargor.
  • Fixed a few map glitches in Ice Islands.
  • Fixed so you can assign hotkeys on A-Z, 0-9 keys (single key hotkey) that will only work while WASD is activated.
  • Fixed so poison fields work as intended when walking on them while being poisoned from something else.

RetroCores Staff
Nov 22 2021
Second season of Zenera launching on November 26! (PVP-Enchanted)

We are happy to present you with our second seasonal world Zenera!
Launching on November 26 at 17:00 CET!

A more loose world:
Zenera is a world made to maximize your fun by balancing laziness and grinding in a mid-rate way!

Zenera is mid-rated seasonal world that will bring much joy and feelings!
A season will last as long as players are enjoying the world, minimum 5 months.
If the world is unable to "die" it can run for years.

Obtain 3 days of golden account for free!
Everyone who manages to login the first hour of Zenera will gain 3 days of golden account.
Meaning between 17:00 - 18:00 CEST on November 26.

Rates of Zenera:
Experience: 16x - 1x, Seasonal Experience Table.
Skills: 5x
Magic: 2x
Loot: 2x
Regen: view.

Character creations in Zenera will be opened one hour before the launch.

This is how it looked like when the first season launched:

Golden Account Differences:
We'd like to point out and highlight for people that haven't noticed that there are some differences with golden account in this world!

  • Free accounts are able to travel with Ships/Carpets.
  • Free accounts are able to access all cities.
  • Free accounts are able to use all spells.

Central host, for the entire world!
Zenera is hosted in Miami with great systems to make everyone able to play without having to deal with laggs!
You will shortly in Zenera notice that you have quite a low ping, no matter where in the world you are!

Now imagine that, a central world, bringing many cultures into it, imagine the greatness of wars this will bring when people from the corners of the world could unite under one banner to take on people from another part of the world!

Additional differences in Zenera compared to other worlds:

  • Equipment upgraded after Rookgaard. (only if your items are worse. Leather Set, Studded shield, and 12 atk weapon)
  • Spells "light" and "light healing" is given for free.
  • Rings/Items give 2x more regen.

A PVP-Enchanted world:
A PVP-Enchanted world works much the same as an Open-PVP world with some small difference.
If the player you kill is at least 90% of your own level, you gain a part of the experience that the player loses in the death.
In addition to that, the amount of frags for redskull/banishment is twice as high as on an Open-PVP world.
More details here: About -PVP info.

Skill Pools:
We don't want people to feel they've wasted their time and efforts in Zenera for nothing when it comes to a season end.
So when the time comes for a new season to start, the time when Zenera will reset and go offline to prepare for the new season, all characters will be converted into skill-pools that you can view on your account panel and use on any characters within a few small restrictions.

About 30% of your efforts are saved into your skill-pools, which is decided on the day Zenera is reset.
Now mind that 30% of effort and 30% of skill is completely different things!
Obviously, experience will be easier to obtain in mid-rate thanks to that you get levels quicker, there you'd be hunting rotworms in a normal world you're probably already hunting dragons in Zenera, if you understand the point.
So keep in mind, 30% of your efforts, your energy put into the character is saved (exp, skills, magic lvl).

When you've obtained pools, it could look like this in your account-pool:
When using the pool you can choose how much to use ranging from 10 to 100% of your pool.
Note that pools cannot be used in seasonal worlds such as Zenera but only other worlds (Normal, Hardcore).

Refund of points:
We don't want people to worry about purchasing something and suddenly Zenera would be shut down.
First, Zenera would have announcements weeks beforehand that season end is near, but also there will be point refunds for recent purchases!

Shop points refunds are based on % when the purchase was made.
If you purchased anything a day before the shutdown you'd get 100% of the points back.
If you purchased something a week before, you'd get 93% of the points back.
Decreasing by 1% for everyday.
All types of purchases are refundable with exception of golden account and shop point scroll-related purchases since they're global and not only limited Zenera.

Store Options:
As voted by the community, Zenera will not have any supply category.
Instead, Zenera will have same store options as last season there AOL/Bless is being offered instead of supplies.

We hope you're as hyped for the launch of this sweet seasonal world, just as we in the staff are!

RetroCores Staff

Nov 22 2021
Update 1.31 -Improvements
Today we're happy to present you with update 1.31 which brings you a few improvements!

We've drastically improved how you can view key rings content.
The old Key-Ring window

The new Key-Ring window

We've also made a few performance improvements in the client.

Additional to this we've prepared the client for the second season of Zenera.

RetroCores Staff
Nov 18 2021
Update 1.30 -Weston Release
Today we're happy to introduce you to Weston!
Weston is a very large island and contains a lot of hunting areas, quests, and mysteries just waiting to be explored.

Previous teasers of Weston:
What's new?
  • 20+ new creatures & bosses.
  • 9 new creature tasks.
  • 10+ new raids.
  • 20+ new quests.
  • Multiple mysteries.
  • 20+ new items.

  • Changed so you can't write/change books/letters that are not intended to be modified.
  • Removed old MLS mystery and added a new mystery for it.
  • Altered Yellow rose mystery to be easier to get started in.
  • Fixed so account character list displays when a name-change is in process.
  • Created a separate list in quest-list for Mystery-Classed quests.
  • Added a mystery-row in quest-information to display info and availability in worlds.
Map of Weston
Check out full map here: Library -Map.

New Creatures: .
This is how the new and separate quest-list for the mystery quest looks like.
Note that not all mysteries are included in this list!

The mystery row in quest information display whether a quest is considered a mystery or not.
It also give information how often you can get the reward and which worlds are available and not.

Our goal with mysteries in the future is to in a better way confirm they exist, along with if the reward is available or when it's next available.
This is to make mystery hunters more engaged in mysteries knowing things are real, also that they know the reward is available so they don't feel it's waste of time working for something that might never be available again (super mysteries).
However know that some mysteries are supposed to stay at a "legend" level, a mere rumor, which is why certain mysteries will never enter the list.

We hope you'll enjoy exploring Weston and all its contents and mysteries!

RetroCores Staff
Nov 14 2021
Weston Teaser -Part 5, The power of evil
While browsing the library, I found a book describing great evil.
I couldn't help myself, my curiosity went over the roof.

So me being me, I rushed out to explore it.
I wanted to know, does the things the book mention exist, or is it just a mere bedtime story?

After much searching, I found a fortress that confirmed the book. There indeed are great evils out there.
I tried to explore the fortress, but these guards were something else.
No matter how hard I tried to hit them, they didn't even blink.
And they were determined to exterminate me. I had to flee for my life.

I decided to look for other evil, and after another long search with tricky roads, I found another place.
I found a place that changed my view on hell.
The hell I previously pictured was heaven compared to what I found.

Again I tried to explore it, but the demonic creatures living here were out of my league.
I had no chance. I couldn't hurt them at all while they shredded my armor effortlessly.
Again, I had to flee for my life.

It's true what the book described. There's great evil out there.
Evil you don't want to face. This is no place to prove yourself.
This is only a place to face certain death.

And I am beginning to understand, "There are more mysteries in Weston that you realize", as a guy once said to me, that no matter how hard I work, no matter how strong I become, I will never be able to explore the entire Weston.
There will always be mysteries and evils that I'm unaware of.

Even though that, I will still dedicate my life to trying to explore the entire Weston island.
It might just be much more challenging than I initially thought.

RetroCores Staff
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