Dec 03 2019
Client version is updated to 1.03! You need to restart your client and let it update itself. If you use the Wine Client then you need to download it manually!
Dec 03 2019
Notice: Server-Save of December 3, 10:00 CET will be prolonged by 5 minutes due to maintenance to the networking system (updating it).
Dec 01 2019
Ho ho ho! Santa has been spotted in RetroCores, carrying a huge bag full of gifts. Have you been a well-behaved and obedient RetroCorian?
Nov 30 2019
Cams are being sent from the worlds to the cam-server now! However it will be a while before all new cams are available consider there's 28,000 cams to be transferred.
Nov 30 2019
RetroCores Wine Client is now available for version 1.02! You find it in downloads.
Changelog: Latest entry was made 4 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 9 hours ago.

Dec 04 2019
War Server for the bloodhungry!

Today, December 4, at 18:00 CET we're opening a temporary war-server there people can have fun and fight while making runes/training in the normal worlds!

You can join this War-Server via your character list!

Everyone starts at level 50, with skill fit for what vocation you chose.
Levels to obtain skulls:


When you die, your character is set back to level 50 with the skills it had.
You will not drop the loot you carried.

Mind that players killed don't drop their loot, so mind your supplies when you leave temple!

The game is saving every hour to clean and keep the game fair.
A save take less than 5 seconds.

RetroCores Staff

Nov 29 2019
RetroCores own and upgraded network!
We have created our own network to manage DDos attacks!
This network is not only for protection against DDos, but also help players to have a more stable connection to RetroCores!

This network was incredible hard to build up, and it took many, many hours to work out, but it's worth it now when it's up and running!

Unfortunately, the linux client and wine client is not functional for the moment but will be within few days!
Also players of Danera (living in America) might experience a slight higher ping for a day or two while we're building our network around USA.
We never stop improving things, we will continue to improve everything such as client, network stability, game & website availability!

Due to the downtimes caused by DDos, we have decided to compensate everyone with 5 days of golden account!

RetroCores Staff.
Nov 23 2019
Status on attacks
DDos/Hacker Attacks
We've since Nov 20 been under heavy DDos attacks on multiple levels.
But as many people believe, if you have good DDos-Protection you're protected.
This is false, RetroCores is already on the leading DDos-Protection services, but that doesn't mean that no DDos will ever affect RetroCores.
When they DDos, they send massive amount of data towards our dedicated servers, it's detected and filtered up in our anti-DDos protection, however there's been leaks.
So there's been attacks that got through to the game.

Why is that?
When they spamm data to attack RetroCores, it's not always easy to determine what's an attack, and what's not.
It's like owning a store.. how do you know which is a legit shopper, and who's a robber or shoplifter?
Well, sometimes it's obvious, but not always!

I've been working near constantly the past 3 days, to battle these attacks.
This is the prime reason why people haven't seen much of me, because I've simply been busy making sure the game stays stable and online.

Due to the DDos attacks we were forced to add a death-prevention system to cover most of the losses players would go through in case of attacks.
Unfortunately this new system included a crash bug that crashed Antica 11 times, and Danera 3 times.
These crashes were random and uncontrolable, there was nobody that was in control of them.
The crash issue was fixed and both Antica and Danera are just as stable again as they used to be before the death-prevention system. (2 weeks, 1.8+k players, no problems)

During the crashes, there was some clone situations.
Luckily, there were only 2 actual abusers of the crashes that managed to clone items out of it, those two people are now deleted along with all items they created.
Other than those 2 abusers, there was a few others that managed to get clones but didn't exactly abuse it as crazy, there only the items were removed from them without deleting those people.

There's been a lot of lies going around, especially with clones, lies made to scare people away.
There's been lies that people have cloned unlimited money, supplies and so on.
But that's not the case, in terms of money, RetroCores is a VERY poor game, since there's no much money going around.

They also claim that we don't have ability to find items, especially not in houses.
Well, to make an example we chose Royal Helmet,
We know that there's 19 Royal Helmets in Antica and who has them.
Here you can see a little tool that display owners of the item, and showing how many items they have in inventory (EQ) or depot.

The other 4 helmets, that's not in inventory/depots are in these 4 houses.

16 of these helmets were obtained by finishing the Hydra Task, the other 3 were looted.
(Time of check, Nov 23, 21:30 CET)

We could for fun also add that there's not a single magic plate armor in RetroCores yet! (Who will be the first?)

Anyhow, lies would be that Retro is beyond saving because "massive clones" but in fact, there were almost none.
And those who happened, is cleaned up pretty smoothly by us, as seen in the image, we have some abilities most other games don't.

Since the DDoses caused a lot of issues, naturally a lot of people seek staff and support for all kind of topics.
This has lead to the staff being bombarded with messages and topics, and an incredible amount of reports and support tickets.
This make staff very busy and it's very hard to reach the staff.

Identity of the DDoser/attacker
We have indeed confirmed the identity of the attacker with help of some skillful people,
We are weighting which action to go for, either publish him so everyone can know what kind of person he really is (reputation instant-trash) or taking legal actions for the damages he's done.

Due to the problems the DDos caused we've been forced to keep the forum closed temporarily so it doesn't get overspammed by angry/upset people.
Ontop of that we wanted to keep the "liars" at bay until we had time to make announcement, since some of them can be very convincing.

Attacks may still break through the defenses, we are battling the DDos near 24/7 nowdays, but other than that the game is good and stable and good to go.
In case of attacks, you will be protected from deaths, However, since it take a few seconds for the death-prevention to kick-in, you could still lose things in case you get headshot.
If you believe there's a chance for attack that causes laggs, you might want to avoid hunting in places there you'd die within 5 seconds if you go afk.

RetroCores Staff
Nov 21 2019
Attacks of Nov 20, improvements and compensation
What happened?
Since RetroCores opened, there's been DDos and hacker attacks on daily basis.
DDos is filtered out by an anti-DDos protection before it reaches the dedicates of RetroCores.
Hacker-attacks are blocked by our systems in RetroCores.

Yesterday however, we received a whole new kind of DDos (yes, there's different types of DDos), and it was messier for the anti-DDos protection to filter out so some of the DDos reached Antica and Website, along with the DDos there was another attack as well assisting that was designed to flood the CPU of connections of Antica and Website dedicates.
At one point, both Antica and Website had over 20,000 connections made from 1,000-2,000 IP addresses.

Luckily, they didn't manage to flood the CPU successfully on either dedicated, making them staying rather healthy, however they flooded the connections which made people lagg, getting kicked and unable to log back in.
In computers, you have a certain limit how many connections is possible, similar to a door to a party.
As long actual members party is walking in/out everything is fine.
But if 2,000 party-crashes come and force their way through the door, the actual members gonna have issues getting though.

We spent many hours last night trying to keep these uninvited guests on the outside, and with each step, the attacks got weaker and weaker.

How was it improved?
We created a system to identify attacks and block them from creating connections to the dedicated servers.
This doesn't mean nothing bad will ever happen again, but it means that for each bad thing that happens for us, we learn from it.
So the attacks of last night, was a good thing for us since we learned about these new kind of attacks and invented a few new possible ways of blocking them.
They also forced us to invent some game protections systems.
In easy words, nothing bad that's being followed by something good, if you're willing to learn from it.

Something that will make players feel more secure is our new death protection system!
We designed the system to keep playing from losing anything in case the game is targeted with attacks that's clearly noticeable in the game.
This includes, exp, skills, items, blessings and other things you could lose due to a death.

As compensation for the downtimes and loss of a perfect evening to hunt, 2 days of golden account has been added to everyone.

During the attacks there was 342 characters that died on 340 accounts.
When any of these characters login, they will receive a compensation of exp, gold and 10 days of golden account.
Amount of exp and gold depends on what level they were at the time of death and how many times they died.
Note that the death compensation is only for the 342 characters that died during the attack of November 20.
The golden account is only given once per account, if you died with more than 1 character, golden account compensation is only assigned to one of them.

RetroCores Staff
Nov 17 2019
RetroCores Website downtime
Due to a misunderstanding between me and the hosting company, the wrong dedicated was cancelled per order.
Right before the launch, we switched the dedicates of Website and Worlds to way more powerful ones.

And the old dedicates were to be cancelled since we had no use of them anymore.
Unfortunately, due to a misunderstanding, they canceled the new website dedicated, instead of the old one.

The website dedicated went offline around 07:00 CET, and came back around 10:30 CET.

Due to the 3~ hour downtime we've added 24 hours of golden account to everyone.

So, the downtime was not caused by any attacks, not DDos, not hacks.
RetroCores has been targeted with DDos/Hacks since launch but that's something players never notice.

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