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Jul 04 2021
Between Server Saves of July 5 and July 6 there will be patches done on Core-Series global network nodes around the world, this may cause some to get higher pings while nearby nodes are taken offline for the patching, if you happen to get sudden raise in ping it will return to normal within a few minutes. The work on the nodes will not cause any disconnections, only higher pings for affected players depending on which nodes they're connected to at the time.
May 19 2021
The War-Server is back online!
May 18 2021
Today we released client version 1.24, if you're using Windows client it will automatically download itself. If you use other kind of client you may need to download the latest version!
May 06 2021
Harmonia will today be used to test out a whole new performance update that in theory will make the game much stronger and smoother, if everything works out fine, the update will affect all worlds by the next server-save.
Apr 29 2021
Zenera is back online and available again after a few hours of being stuck in a frozen state.
Changelog: Latest entry was made 31 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 7 days ago.

Jun 19 2021
Enjoy summer of 2021!
Some schools started summer break last week, some will the coming week.
Lots of working people are going for vacation shortly while some already started their vacation.

We in RetroCores Staff want to wish you a happy summer and that you do things that make you happy and recharge your batteries before the fall!
The past year with Covid and all have been frustrating for us all and it's likely to continue for a while, which is why we'd like to tell you to be careful and consider your plans for the summer and the impact it might have on you and others.

Many will have their vacations at home this summer, but some will travel and if you will too, just be careful.

As for the staff, we're randomly around, we're trying to have some time off and relax to recharge our batteries for the chaotic fall that will go down for us, but other than that the staff is available little here and there.
Me as admin I'm checking status of RetroCores multiple times per day, and do emergency fixes/updates if necessary and randomly does maintenance work with RetroCores (mostly backstage stuffs).
Unlike last summer, I'm not moving this summer and additionally, this time I actually have internet so I can poke around when the weather is disappointing.

Which brings me to content updates,
Summer is a low tide, everyone is shifty and not as active for obvious reasons... the summer.
And content updates enter a state of pause during this period.
This doesn't fully mean no new things can come over summer-period, but rather that the pace of it is a lot slower compared to fall/winter/spring.
As you've seen, we've had a shitload of updates in RetroCores since winter, and more will come.. but slower during summer.

So, use the summer properly, enjoy yourself and relax, recharge those batteries.
Because come fall, you'll need them!

RetroCores Staff
Jun 02 2021
Update - new hunting areas, crocodiles, wyrms and dragon lords

Today we're happy to present you with a few new hunting areas!


Wyrms and Dragon Lords

Both are located somewhere in south jungle of Port Hope

We'd also like to take a moment for everyone who's enjoying RetroCores!
It's thanks to you that the game is stable and long-lasting, and we'll do everything in our power to preserve the retro-aspect while trying to give you a flash of new things to explore!

RetroCores Staff

May 24 2021
Update - a new hunting area, necromancers
Today we're happy to present you with a new hunting area containing necromancers and vampires along with others!
They're located somewhere in Drefia

We hope this will be glad news for necro-hunters!

RetroCores Staff
May 18 2021
Update 1.24 - Mistrock, Okolnir, new tasks, updated minimap

We're happy to present you with update 1.24 which brings quite a few and nice things!

To begin with, we've added Mistrock in RetroCores style!

And we've also added Okolnir in RetroCores style!

New Tasks available for following creatures:

Additional to this update, a few new interesting items are available to be discovered and what they can do or be used for.
Along with that a few more items have been added to Rashid.

We have also updated the downloadable Minimap to version 1.24!
(With exception a few mystery areas that was left out)

We hope you're enjoying RetroCores and that you'll look forward to explore the new update!

RetroCores Staff

May 16 2021
Update - Adjustable loot statistics source
Today we're happy to present you with adjustable loot statistics source!
You find the source option in Options > Console:

ps: this client update is only available in Windows client until next full client-update.

You have two options where the loot statistics should get looted items from:
1: Only Looted Items
(Only items you move into your inventory from newly killed creatures will be added to loot stats)
2: All Killed Creature Items
(All items from your killed creature or party kills will be added to loot stats, without you having to open the corpse)

Adding all items to loot can be useful under many different situations such as:
  • Party hunting, knowing exactly what the party have looted since you began the hunt.
  • Loot Bagging, when you often aren't adding items to your inventory but throw them on the ground or similar.
  • Curious, when you're more interested in what items monsters dropped than your own profit status.

Additional to this update, we've had many background updates improving everything.
such as improving the systems behind !reportbot that now will higher the chance for catching PVP-Botters

We hope you're enjoying RetroCores and that you plan on sticking around for a very long time!

RetroCores Staff
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