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Aug 07 2020
An issue with shop point scrolls that didn't add the shop points to your account have been fixed and points for used scrolls have been added to the people who used them.
Jul 26 2020
The loginserver is running properly again, after an unexpected reboot of the dedicated the loginserver went offline and made people unable to login.
Jul 08 2020
Due to a glitch in a core system it was impossible to login to any world except the war-server. This glitch have been fixed and all worlds are working as intended again!
Jun 26 2020
Lutabra is online again after a short downtime caused by the hosting company that was updating the dedicated cluster Lutabra was located in.
May 07 2020
Twitch streams are displayed correctly again after an unexpected background-update on twitch services.
Changelog: Latest entry was made 4 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 6 hours ago.

Jul 05 2020
Updated Task System

The old task system allowed players to get a task-kill by only doing partial damage to a creature.
This allowed certain players to abuse the tasks and completing tasks multiple-times over multiple characters by multiclienting or other ways.

Tasks was intended to be open and easy for anyone to team up and have fun, not so people could abuse them just because they can.

So due to the abuse, a new task system will be implanted with tomorrow server save.
(July 6, 10:00 CEST)

The new task system work as following:
You can share tasks without doing anything special.
If multiple players attack the same creature they all have a chance getting a task kill.

However, a task is only shared if the levels involved is within exp-share range from the one who did the most damage.
For a player to get a task kill, he must be at least 60% of the level who did most damage, additionally the most damage player must be at least 60% of your level.

You only get task kill if you did at least 3% of the damage to the creature.
If you do less than 20% of the total damage, you will only get a partial kill and not a full kill.

If you get a partial kill your task message might look like this:
You have killed 25.3/100 Monsters.

These systems are designed to minimize task-farming and abusing of the generous tasks that allow sharing.

Enjoy the summer!
Last I'd like to point out, Enjoy the summer while you can!
Because at fall, hell will break lose once more

It's important to use the summer to "refill the batteries", so we can handle whatever is waiting for us during fall and winter!


May 23 2020
Extreme Rune Shortage In Antica and Danera
After an careful analyze of the community and current situation state in each world, we have found that Antica and Danera is currently suffering from an extreme rune shortage.

To help the community in Antica and Danera to ease the problems caused by this extreme drought we have made a temporary solution there the magic NPC of Thais (Xodet) is selling some basic runes at high prices.

The prices per backpack offered by Xodet is as following:
(He doesn't sell them in backpack, the Bp/price is just for better reference)

The high prices is to discourage players from buying the runes in shop unless absolutely necessary.
The NPC Xodet is only selling these runes in Antica and Danera to help the extreme drought of the rune market.
Note that this might not be the final solution and changes could come at any moment if deemed necessary!

Beside the analyze of the rune situation, we are also currently analyzing where the community see RetroCores in the future, and what should be done and not, to keep majority of the community as happy as possible.
Note however we are not only analyzing to get an outcome for every world at same time, something that seem to be a best solution in one world may not be concerning another world.
For example something that is needed in the normal 2x worlds might not be needed in hardcore 1x worlds and hence certain changes/improvements may be different between the different world to ensure everyone have a chance to be happy.

RetroCores Staff

May 15 2020
Ingame cheater reporting -experimental

Starting from server-save today, there will be a command that can be used to report cheaters directly ingame.
The command is experimental and if the entire system works out fine, it will be added as an option in the client to make it more simple for users to use.

The command:

PLAYERNAME: The full name of the player.
DESCRIPTION: A short description what make you think the player uses cheats. (5-100 chars)

Each account have 5 reports per day/world.
Each player can only be reported once per day.

To use the command and report a player you need to be close the the player (within 1,5 screen range).
The extra half screen range is for people reporting auto-loggers that would normally logout if you enter their screen.

Each report, is processed within 24 hours.
Accounts deleted due to processed reports will be reported on cheaters-list as: Breaking Rule 3b (processed report).

Each account that make reports will be ranked, if an account make reports of caught cheaters for most part will be seen as more serious reporter and reports processed quicker.
While accounts that make many mistake reports, reporting people who don't cheat, will lose rank and process priority will be lowered.

So with that, don't go around and report everyone you dislike, make sure when you report, you are certain he's using cheats, to keep your rank healthy and balanced, so your reports are taken more serious and are processed quicker.

The entire reporting system is experimental, usage of the report can be changed at anytime to compensate problems found, such as too much spamm reports or other kind of problems that might present themselves on grand-scale experimenting.

Keep your rank and trust up, don't be labeled as a untrusty fake reporter!

RetroCores Staff

May 06 2020
Cheater's World in Miami launching May 8, 18:00 CEST

On May 8 at 18:00 CEST we will launch our very first lawless world that wont be enforced by the rule 3b, 3c, 3d.
That means that bots, macros or other tools will be allowed to use without risking punishments.

The world that is launching is:

Lutabra will be like normal worlds with 2x rate, tasks and so on.
However, players of level 150 or above will only receive half the exp.

We've chosen Miami as the first location for such world as it's the location that has biggest support for players world-wide.
Europeans can play quite easily along with South Americans in Miami located worlds.

Note that you can not transfer from lawless worlds to any other type of world, neither can you transfer into it from any other world.

To be clear, cheating in Lutabra will be fully legal and allowed, but cheating in any other world will lead total deletion of the account and any other accounts that was given privileges from the cheating e.g close to unlimited runes m.m.

The pace of cheat-hunting along the other worlds will go way up in a few days when our new detection systems are ready to battle cheaters everywhere expect in these Lawless worlds.

May 03 2020
Client Update 1.14 - Better loot/task message settings
Today we're releasing client update 1.14, and the primary thing about it, a better customizable loot and task messages.

Previously you could change your loot/task messages with commands and had 9 different options in total.
Now, with customizable settings in the client you have 45 different options.
A few new colors
Easy changed!

On top of this, these settings will work for CAM's too!
If you're trying to make a movie using CAMs, you can disable both loot and task messages!

Hope you'll enjoy more control of your loot/task messages!

RetroCores Staff
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