Nov 13 2019
Today we had a security update for game/client, when you restart the client it will update itself to latest version.
Nov 08 2019
You can now go ahead and create your characters!
Nov 01 2019
You can go ahead and create accounts if you'd like that, However creating characters will not be possible until 1 hour before the launch.
Nov 01 2019
RetroCores will launch officially on November 8, 18:00 CET!
Changelog: Latest entry was made 11 hours ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 4 hours ago.

Nov 13 2019
RetroCores available on multiple platforms!

We have now made it possible to run RetroCores on more systems than just Windows!

We are now offering 3 different clients.

  • Windows: The one that players already uses to play the game.
  • Linux: standalone for Linux based systems.
  • Wine: a client that's friendly with Wine application to run on Linux/MacOS.

You can find the clients in our downloads.

I hope you're all having fun in RetroCores!
And that you plan on staying with us for a long time!
And we promise, no changes on the game without the full approval of the community!
The community, decide themselves how RetroCores will stay now, and in future!

We strive to offer you a more serious game, more fun.
And of course, RetroCores will NEVER reset nor go offline.
We know that many says that and then doesn't keep that promise, however we can demonstrate it!

We still run MasterCores (twisted 7.4) after 13 months online, and we have no plans on neither reset nor shut it down ever!
With that, we can ensure you, when we say "never reset, never offline", you can trust us on account of MasterCores!

RetroCores staff

Nov 11 2019
First Weekend of RetroCores!

We want to thank everyone for an awesome launch-weekend!
We've had an amazing amount of people online and it's been a crazy week!

We've gathered a few images, of how this weekend was!

We hope you enjoy RetroCores and that you plan on staying with us a very long time!

RetroCores staff


Ps, click here to see more images

Nov 07 2019
New feature to help gather intel from the community

We have added "like" feature to the forum there people can like/dislike posts.
With this we'll have it easier to determine what ideas/suggestions the community approves of and which the community disapproves of.

This new feature will be most valuable in suggestions there we'll easier see what the community thinks of a suggestion so we can know it it's worthy of a public poll on the website.

This way, we move a step closer to the community so we can truly make RetroCores controlled by the community in terms of development.

You can see current likes/dislikes and like/dislike posts yourself right below the post in question.


RetroCores Staff

Nov 01 2019
RetroCores official launch
Welcome to all RetroCorians who have come to enjoy the best of what classic Tibia has to offer!
The RetroCores team is excited to finally present to you: RetroCores!

With low rates, non-stackable runes only created by the players themselves, accurate 7.4 formulas and tons more this is guaranteed to bring back all the good memories of the past!

RetroCores will launched with 2 Open-PVP servers:
  • Antica - Europe, Germany
  • Danera - USA, Miami
Both Antica and Danera are permanent servers. Meaning they will never reset!
Once your character is created, it will be with you forever!
RetroCores features:
  •  Non-stackable runes/fluids
  •  No runes from NPCs
  •  No Djinn scrolls in shop or other "OP items"
  •  Accurate 7.4 formulas
  •  Classic premium system
  •  Traditional promotion system
  •  No runes on hotkeys
  •  No wands/rods
  •  7.4 map + Port Hope
  •  Anti-lag systems to ensure smooth gameplay
For further information about RetroCores features, have a look at the information page!

  • 2x Experience*
  • 2x Regen
  • 1x Loot
  • 1x Magic
  • 2x Skills
*1x gain, but half as much experience required to level up.
See: Experience Table

Anti-lag system:
With our new anti-lag systems all players with a higher ping are guaranteed a much smoother experience than ever before! Finding a server to experience smooth, lag-free gameplay will not be a problem.
Not even for players who live far away from the server locations and would normally experience latency issues!

YouTube Video:

Will RetroCores shut down/reset at some point?
No, with our online and stability reputation of MasterCores, which has now been online for over a year without a single reset, I can safely ensure you all that RetroCores will NEVER go down nor reset!
Same as with MasterCores!

Will RetroCores make updates similar to MasterCores at some point?
No, this is something people seem to be very confused with.
MasterCores is special, and it was already from the beginning.
It came with Revendal on first day, and it included modified maps, newer outfits and even addons.
MasterCores was never intended to stay as a 7.4 vanilla.
And it wont stop there, MasterCores will move forward, there's already a bigger update planned for early next year in MasterCores.

For RetroCores, as the name states, it's more retro, classic.. more vanilla.
And that's how that's going to stay..
But as always, certain things must change to make the game better, but unlike MasterCores, we do polls in RetroCores about changes.
Changes can be such as tasks, whether or not to add an extra hunting spot and so on.
Everything that happens in RetroCores, will be polled first, but in the long run, unlike MasterCores, RetroCores will stay on the 7.4 path just as intended from the begining of RetroCores.

If you're new to the community, join the RetroCores Discord server to chat with other players and staff!

RetroCores will launch on November 8, 18:00 CET.
Character-creations will open 1 hour before the launch!

RetroCores Staff

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