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Aug 07 2020
An issue with shop point scrolls that didn't add the shop points to your account have been fixed and points for used scrolls have been added to the people who used them.
Jul 26 2020
The loginserver is running properly again, after an unexpected reboot of the dedicated the loginserver went offline and made people unable to login.
Jul 08 2020
Due to a glitch in a core system it was impossible to login to any world except the war-server. This glitch have been fixed and all worlds are working as intended again!
Jun 26 2020
Lutabra is online again after a short downtime caused by the hosting company that was updating the dedicated cluster Lutabra was located in.
May 07 2020
Twitch streams are displayed correctly again after an unexpected background-update on twitch services.
Changelog: Latest entry was made 17 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 5 days ago.

Sep 18 2020
MasterCores launching harder worlds!
If you love the stability and availability of RetroCores but wish there was more content.. I now invite you to give MasterCores a try!
MasterCores are launching it's first ever harder worlds with 2x exp on October 2!

I'd also like to point out, MasterCores have been officially online for almost 2 years (October 5), and it's never going down!
Same goes with RetroCores which have been online for almost a year (November 8).

What's the difference between RetroCores and MasterCores?
RetroCores just as the name is intended to be as retro and vanilla as possible, creating the nostalgic feeling of the old days.
While MasterCores is suppose to be classic but with more possibilities and in general larger game!

We would also love some input if there's things you'd like to see in the game or changes you think would benefit the community!

Website: https://mastercores.com/?subtopic=news
Discord: https://discord.gg/cqU6G4P

Again to point out, RetroCores is NEVER going down, even if we talk about MasterCores!

Core-Series Staff
Aug 25 2020
Movement of worlds
Today the following worlds have been moved to new dedicated servers:
  • Antica
  • Danera
  • Harmonia
  • Isara
  • Lutabra

The following worlds where moved from Miami to New York for hosting cost reasons:
  • Danera
  • Lutabra
The ping might be lower for some, higher for others, the ping difference is in range of 0-10ms.

The following worlds have been merged into Isara:
  • Jamera
  • Kyra

What's the reason for movement/merges?
The reason is to stay as cost-effective as possible, making sure that RetroCores can stay online forever.
If/When a world becomes more populated, the dedicated of it will be upgraded to ensure lagg-free gameplay.

Network rewiring:
If you experience laggs or unusually high ping for your world, relog your character to reload the new network that was changed due to the movement of worlds.

For the downtime for certain worlds and long downtime of website today, we have given out 2 days of golden account to everyone!

RetroCores Staff
Aug 19 2020
Client signature update
Today we're updating the client signature.
We have started with updating the signature on the windows openGL client until the signature is known on most systems.
Since the signature is new and not known by every system yet Windows 7 and above might make a pop-up asking if you really want to run the client.

The pop-up when running the Windows openGL client will stop in a few days when the signature is more known around the globe.
Once the signature is known it will be used for the other clients as well.

Aug 17 2020
Summer is coming to an end
Hello everyone!
Today marks the end of my "vacation".

I know some have thought that I stopped caring about my games but that's not true!
I've just been on vacation, so to speak.. refueling my batteries for my next stretch of working pretty much everyday until next summer.
Of course, even on vacation, I've been nearby to make sure everything stays online.

However, I can admit that this summer I was more absent that I normally are during summer, the reason is simple.
Me and my family moved to a house, mid-summer.
To get the house quicker, we agreed on cleaning it for the previous owners of both furnitures and dirt.
The task seemed simple, but after 4 weeks of constant working on the house I realize it was not as simple as first thought.. hehe..

Even today, it's not done yet, I have many more trips to the recycle station.

Along with cleaning and throwing things away, I've had to build/renovate certain things.
For one there was no proper ventilation so I had to fix that.
For another I had no proper place there I could work.

But.. things are getting better, and my new work-room is setup, fiber is installed.
Cat6 cables are dragged through the house (internet cables) and mesh system is setup for proper networking around the house (multiple routers that work as one).

Other than moving, this has been a great summer, not because of corona.. but that I finally feel "home" and relaxed with my situation.
And I feel my batteries are even with everything going on, are refueled and ready to take on the entire fall and what it will bring.

I got a week or two ahead of me there I will improve background systems and also look for problems that might have been sighted during the summer.
I'm also planning on doing my live streams every now and then, however I can't promise when I will start that horse up but should be soon enough.

Finally, I would like to say I hope you've all had awesome summer and that you got your share of sun and rest so you can take on fall and winter with great strength!

Jul 05 2020
Updated Task System

The old task system allowed players to get a task-kill by only doing partial damage to a creature.
This allowed certain players to abuse the tasks and completing tasks multiple-times over multiple characters by multiclienting or other ways.

Tasks was intended to be open and easy for anyone to team up and have fun, not so people could abuse them just because they can.

So due to the abuse, a new task system will be implanted with tomorrow server save.
(July 6, 10:00 CEST)

The new task system work as following:
You can share tasks without doing anything special.
If multiple players attack the same creature they all have a chance getting a task kill.

However, a task is only shared if the levels involved is within exp-share range from the one who did the most damage.
For a player to get a task kill, he must be at least 60% of the level who did most damage, additionally the most damage player must be at least 60% of your level.

You only get task kill if you did at least 3% of the damage to the creature.
If you do less than 20% of the total damage, you will only get a partial kill and not a full kill.

If you get a partial kill your task message might look like this:
You have killed 25.3/100 Monsters.

These systems are designed to minimize task-farming and abusing of the generous tasks that allow sharing.

Enjoy the summer!
Last I'd like to point out, Enjoy the summer while you can!
Because at fall, hell will break lose once more

It's important to use the summer to "refill the batteries", so we can handle whatever is waiting for us during fall and winter!


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