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Apr 07 2021
Today we released client version 1.22, if you're using Windows client it will automatically download itself. If you use other kind of client you may need to download the latest version!
Apr 06 2021
Tomorrow, April 7, there will be a client update that will require everyone to update it to login after the server-save. the update itself will only take a short moment.
Apr 05 2021
In case you lose your holy water during questing, you can purchase a vial of holy water from Oldrak in Plains of Havoc temple.
Mar 26 2021
Sharpen your weapons, gather your supplies and advance your character, you'll need it for when The Inquisition Quest has arrived.
Mar 15 2021
Tomorrow morning, March 16, Antica will be shut down and merged into Amera as by the wish of the community. only houses in Antica will be lost while Amera will stay as it is. a full result of the poll can viewed in this thread.
Changelog: Latest entry was made 2 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 3 days ago.

Apr 08 2021
First season of Zenera launching on April 16! (PVP-Enchanted)

We are happy to present you with out first seasonal world Zenera!
Launching on April 16 at 18:00 CEST!

A more loose world:
Zenera is a world made to maximize your fun by balancing laziness and grinding in a mid-rate way!

Zenera is mid-rated seasonal world that will bring much joy and feelings!
A season will last as long players are enjoying the world, minimum 5 months.
If the world is unable to "die" it can run for years.

Obtain 3 days of golden account for free!
Everyone who manage to login the first hour of Zenera will gain 3 days of golden account.
Meaning between 18:00 - 19:00 CEST on April 16.

Rates of Zenera:
Experience: 16x - 1x, Seasonal Experience Table.
Skills: 5x
Magic: 2x
Loot: 2x
Regen: view.

Character creations in Zenera will be opened one hour before the launch.

Golden Account Differences:
We'd like to point out and highlight for people that haven't noticed that there's been changed in the golden account in this world!

  • Free accounts are able to travel with Ships/Carpets.
  • Free accounts are able to access all cities.
  • Free accounts are able to use all spells.

Central host, for the entire world!
Zenera is hosted in Miami with great systems to make everyone able to play without having to deal with laggs!
You will shortly in Zenera notice that you have quite low ping, no matter where in the world you are!

Now imagine that, a central world, bringing many cultures into it, imagine the greatness of wars this will bring when people from the corners of the world could unite under one banner to take on people from another part of the world!

Additional differences in Zenera compared to other worlds:

  • Equipment upgraded after Rookgaard. (only if your items are worse. Leather Set, Studded shield and 12 atk weapon)
  • Spells "light" and "light healing" is given for free.
  • Rings/Items give 2x more regen.

A PVP-Enchanted world:
A PVP-Enchanted world work much the same as an Open-PVP world with some small difference.
If the player you kill is at least 90% of your own level, you gain a part of the experience that player loses in the death.
In addition to that, the amount of frags for redskull/banishment is twice as high as on an Open-PVP world.
More details here: About -PVP info.

Skill Pools:
We don't want people to feel they've wasted their time and efforts in Zenera for nothing when it comes to a season end.
So when the time come for a new season to start, the time when Zenera will reset and go offline to prepare for the new season, all characters will be converted into skill-pools that you can view on your account panel and use on any characters within a few small restrictions.

About 30% of your efforts is saved into your skill-pools, which is decided on the day Zenera is reset.
Now mind that 30% of efforts and 30% of skill is completely different things!
Obviously experience will be easier to obtain in mid-rate thanks to that you get levels quicker, there you'd be hunting rotworms in a normal world you're probably already hunting dragons in Zenera, if you understand the point.
So keep in mind, 30% of your efforts, your energy put into the character is saved (exp, skills, magic lvl).

When you've obtained pools, it could look like this in your account-pool:
When using the pool you can chose how much to use ranging from 10 to 100% of your pool.
Note that pools cannot be used in seasonal worlds such as Zenera but only other worlds (Normal, Hardcore).

Refund of points:
We don't want people to worry about purchasing something and suddenly Zenera would be shut down.
First, Zenera would have announcements weeks beforehand that season end is near, but also there will be point refunds for recent purchases!

Shop points refunds are based on % when the purchase was made.
If you purchased anything a day before the shutdown you'd get 100% of the points back.
If you purchased something a week before, you'd get 93% of the points back.
Decreasing by 1% for everyday.
All types of purchases are refundable with exception of golden account and shop point scroll related purchases since they're global and not only limited Zenera.

We hope you're as hyped for the launch of this sweet seasonal world, just as we in the staff are!

RetroCores Staff

Apr 07 2021
Update 1.22 - Backpack memory & Customized Loot Values
Today we're happy to present you with two new features that we know people have been wanting!
Backpack Memory!
That's right.. your backpacks will now open and be exactly as you left them when you relog.
The memory will also last over client restarts!

Customized Loot Values!
From now on you'll find a Customize button in your Loot Statistics window

The button will open this window there you can search for items you want to change values on

Clicking on any of the values will open a window there you can easily change the value or leave blank to restore default values

Clicking on the "Show Edited" button at the bottom-right will display a list of all items that has your custom values

Descriptions and Tips:
Loot value: how much you can sell the item for after looting, etc to a NPC or players.
Use Value: how much it cost you to obtain the item, etc buying from NPC or players.
If you don't want certain items to show up in loot stats, etc when you're eating food, you can set their values to 0.
Items with 0 value will not show up in loot stats.

We hope these new features will make you happy!

RetroCores Staff
Apr 03 2021
Update - Deeper Banuta & Forbidden Lands

Today we're happy to present you with some additional areas!

Forbidden Lands have now finally, gotten some caves!
In the south-east you'll find some caves with Behemoths


While in north-west you'll find some caves infested with hydras


Now to the big one..
Deeper Banuta has now finally.. gotten more floors!
In these floors you can hunt hydras, serpent spawns and medusas with a few other dangerous critters.
And not only that.. there's a mystery to it as well! (not hardcore mystery but still something fun to find out)

RetroCores Staff

Mar 29 2021
Update 1.21 - The Inquisition

Today we're happy to announce The Inquisition Quest finally entering RetroCores!

The quest is quite traditional with just few changes to fit better to RetroCores atmosphere.
Along with the Inquisition there will be a few new creatures along with the traditional bosses.
Most of the loot given by these creatures have been replaced with the best matching 7.4 counterpart items.

Together with the bosses, a few select weapons have been added that both keep the bosses interesting and attractive but also help out a bit in terms of player available weapons.

For those not accustomed to this quest can work it out wuick easily together with wikia and paying attention to what NPC's are saying.
(Don't blindly follow wikia without actually reading what the NPC's says, that's how most players got stuck in Djinn quests due to version differences)

Quest information: The Inquisition Quest.

We hope these are happy news that will be appreciated by RetroCorians!

If you're using Windows client it will download automatically when restarting it.
If you're using Wine or Linux client you have to download the client manually!

RetroCores Staff

Mar 11 2021
Update - Pits of Inferno

After server-save of March 12 the pits of inferno will be available in RetroCores.

The quest will be quite traditional with few changes however.
All the traditional creatures are included with the new areas, however their drops have been adapted more to the retro-style of RetroCores.
Many of the higher forms of equipment and weapons dropped by these creatues have been switched out to their best counterpart of traditional 7.4 items.

The rewards are also quite the same with exception an edit of the rewards of weapons which have been swapped out for armors better fitting for all vocations (magicians robe, warmaster armor, archer armor) which we felt was more balanced for all vocations and also help giving a slight extra flavor to RetroCores without being completely over-powered.

Quest information: The Pits of Inferno Quest.

We hope this comes as glad news and help higher leveled players to stay motivated!

RetroCores Staff

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