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Dec 30 2020
The whole website is back online again after the section-closedown for background upgrades!
Dec 29 2020
The war-server have been updated and now support version 1.18 along with the fixed walk issues!
Dec 10 2020
Due to a glitch that's eating the worlds resources an additional server-save was necessary at 10:40 CET. this glitch was accidentally included in a tiny-update at server-save today.
Dec 06 2020
At Server-Save of December 7, 10:00 CET, Eternia will be offline for 10-15 minutes longer than usual due to hardware upgrade that's necessary with the growing activity.
Dec 05 2020
We are expecting the events along with a website update to be released shortly after this weekend (Mon-Wed), and by the end of the week we should have released two additional hunting-spots to Liberty Bay (Thu-Fri)!
Changelog: Latest entry was made 9 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 47 minutes ago.

Jan 07 2021
Update - Pirates

Today we're happy to announce that pirates are finally stepping foot in RetroCores!

We've added the island of Nargor!
With this update, we'll be seeing these creatures:



Along with these creatures, we'll bee seeing these items as well:

RetroCores Staff
Jan 05 2021
Updated PayPal System

Today we have updated the PayPal system to be easier, safer and faster!

Unlike the traditional payment system, the new one will not require you to go to PayPal and then have you to come back.
But the new one, will show up in a small window, without you having to leave the website, to confirm the payment.
Once you've submitted your details, if accepted, your purchased points will arrive with lightning speed!

With this new system, nobody should get stuck at PayPal verification there money is placed "on hold" by PayPal which delay payments and points to arrive.
But unless you're shady, everything should work out smooth and quick without any holdups.

RetroCores Staff
Dec 31 2020
Happy new year!
We would like to wish a Happy New year to everyone!

We hope you've had a great 2020 and that you'll end up having an even better 2021!
Hopefully without pandemic.

as a good end of 2020 we're going to share a little statistics how RetroCores behaved in 2020!

In RetroCores on December 31 there was:
78,473 accounts
3,209 golden accounts

415,459 Unique IPs checked RetroCores
74,205 downloaded windows clients
3,462 downloaded wine clients
1,692 downloaded linux clients
29,410 downloaded minimaps

78,273 characters
6,392 in Rookgaard
14,107 Sorcerers
6,591 Master Sorcerers
18,118 Druids
4,491 Elder Druids
10,775 Paladins
3,346 Royal Paladins
12,079 Knights
2,374 Elite Knights
How people were spread out on December 31, 18:00 CET

Where people have died, the last week of the year 2020

We hope that you've enjoyed RetroCores in 2020 and we hope you'll continue to enjoy it in 2021 too!

RetroCores Staff
Dec 29 2020
Update 1.18 - Walk fixes

We're happy to announce update 1.18 which will bring a smoother gameplay to everyone!

In this update, we have finally fixed the walk issues that have been plaguing certain players for some time.
Most common of the issue was side-stepping which could act "glitchy", especially if you side-step a lot in a short time.

But also issues such as getting stuck at stairs during floor changes have also been patched, along with few other issues.

Other than that, I hope you've had great holidays and that you're having a great end of the year!

RetroCores Staff

Dec 28 2020
Update 1.17 - Updated store & ability to modify houses

Today we are happy to present another new feature to RetroCores!

Upgraded shop system and ability to change the house to fit your own taste better!

Category of tiles!
Chose between 33 different tiles you can place in your house! (You can replace tiles under walls, windows too!)

Purchase a decoration removed and remove those annoying dustbins, carpets, bookcases or whatever what's annoying you in your house!
And decide where the beds should be, or why no getting moveable and rotateable bookcases, ovens or dustbins.
Or why not set up your own blackboards people can read from the street!

Here's an example, of what's possible!
The original house

Versus what it could be like:


Let your fantasy play, and create the house you dreamed of!

RetroCores Staff

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