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Sep 16 2021
Don't be fooled by disinformation campaigns made by immature people! Read more at our FAQ: Disinformation campaigns, trolls and haters
Sep 07 2021
On September 17, the new 2x rated world will be launched, the world name and details about it will be available within the next few days.
Aug 25 2021
Tomorrow, on August 26, Zenera will face the end of the first season, this means that the world will be wiped clean and all characters existing on it will be converted into pools of exp/skills/magic that's added to the account of the characters. More information about this can be found here.
Aug 15 2021
Isara is back online after an unexpected reboot of it's dedicated server that left the world closed.
Jul 04 2021
Between Server Saves of July 5 and July 6 there will be patches done on Core-Series global network nodes around the world, this may cause some to get higher pings while nearby nodes are taken offline for the patching, if you happen to get sudden raise in ping it will return to normal within a few minutes. The work on the nodes will not cause any disconnections, only higher pings for affected players depending on which nodes they're connected to at the time.
Changelog: Latest entry was made 1 day ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 15 hours ago.

Oct 17 2021
Weston Teaser -Part 2, The adventures exploration of the new island
After a great time of advancing my fighting skills, I've become more powerful and can easier explore what this island contains.
I decided it was time to explore deeper in the new island.

I went out from Weston, and started checking out caves, it didn't take long until I found Rotworms.

I was told I could find a camp of vile creatures, human alike, maybe they're even humans.
I don't know, they're called Amazonians, I've heard about them, people talked a lot about them.
I gathered instructions how to find them, and headed out to find them.

While searching for them I got a little lost, there was this half-destroyed mountain I had to pass, but all the rubble made it quite hard to pass, and there was a lot of snakes, which is a nasty creature.
But finally I found my way through without getting bit once!
I crossed a river on a hidden path and there it was, I found their camp!

To be honest, they were smaller than I expected, the stories I've heard made them sound so big and strong, but they weren't much bigger than me.
But they are quite dangerous, they threw knives after me, I managed to dodge them but it felt very hostile.
As I explored their camp, I came across something.. a treasure..
I wonder, is it possible to obtain it?

I saw that I'd have no chance on claiming that treasure, but I'll keep my eyes open and my ears sharp, maybe there's someone out there who got clues.
After a few moments of inspecting the treasure, and dodging knives the Amazons threw at me, and the spears the Valkyries threw, I decided it was time to go and explore somewhere else.

I took a new heading, I walked far and true, and in the distance I saw a ruin.
I decided to check it out, and I arrived to a surprise, the ruins was large and was overtaken by Minotaurs!

I explored the ruins a bit, and I found out they're very large, enormous.
When I went down the stairs, the ruins passed on into a large cave system.

As I explored, I faced a few guards, Minotaur Guards, and they were not friendly.
They were very dangerous, I had no choice than to flee.
I decided to move on, and keep exploring the world best to my abilities.

After a good walk, I ran into another camp.. claimed by Cyclopses.
I've never faced Cyclopses before, I've heard about them, and to be honest.. they're much larger than I thought, and they tried to hit me multiple times, I did my best to run and keep my distance.

I knew already there, I was too weak to explore this place, even though there was a very interesting cave nearby.
So I continue my search for interesting things to explore.. or well.. to be honest I ran like hell the at first.

I came across a river, I couldn't pass it, but as I followed the river I found a passage to the other side.
I didn't explore it very long, because I got scared as hell, when I realize I walked straight into a dragons nest!

And it stood clear for me.. I am not ready to explore this massive yet, I need to get back and stay closer to Weston, and focusing on getting more skilled and experienced in fighting techniques.

And so be it, I will do everything I can to get as skilled as possible..
Because.. soon I will have to face my first dragon.. and continue exploring what this island hides!

RetroCores Staff
Oct 07 2021
Weston Teaser -Part 1, The young adventures first steps
This is the first of many teasers about the new island.
There's still a great deal of work left on it, and as you'll find out through the teasers, the new island is big, and contain a lot of various things and mysteries.

After a tough life in Thais, I decided it was time to explore the world.
I visited many cities, but there was always a reason not to stay.

I walked through Ab'Dendriel, but it was too overgrown, not by people but by plants.
I went through Kazordoon, but mountains and caves isn't me, I love open areas.
I visited Venore but all it had to offer me was a swamp as long the eye could see.
I took the boat to Darashia, it was nice at first but after a while the dry warm air got to me,
so I continued and arrived to Ankrahmun.
I only stayed there for few minutes, it was hotter and drier than Darashia.
After a long boat ride, I arrived to Liberty Bay, which looks nice but I didn't feel at home there.

Finally, after a great deal of travel, I arrived to Weston.
The second I step foot on that bridge, something sparked in me, love at first sight!
The weather was nice, the air was modest, not too warm, not too cold.
And I think part of the reason I fell for it was it reminded me about Thais, it felt like it could be my new home.

I explored Weston with great interest, and it didn't take long for me to find the city depot.
And I was still thrilled, I love everything I've seen to that point, and I don't think it will change anytime soon.

I even found a cool apartment, and I decided.. I want it..
unfortunately I don't have any money left, I spent it all on my travels.

I found this cool guy, he is part of some sort of clan.. guild.. society. whatever..
He told me that his society pay people various things to hunt and kill creatures that could pose threat to cities and buildings.
As I needed money, I accepted a task, as he called it.
I was going to hunt down trolls, make sure they don't come close of the city.

He told me to go a bit outside the city, and I'd probably find some trolls.
And I sure did, I realized they had a whole camp out there, and I could see why they'd pay hunters to keep them at bay, especially how close they appeared to be to the city.

After a long time of exploring, I almost soiled myself, I was stopped in a cave by pile of stones, and thank god..
I noticed there was a dragon in there, I was lucky, if not for the stones I'd run straight into the teeth of a dragon.
I might be good with my weapon on trolls, but I'm nowhere near experienced enough to take on a dragon!

A few days later, I decided to cash in my task and see if they where still offering other kind of work.
Turns out they had a price on Goblins as well, but I was unsure if Weston had a goblin problem, but sure enough, I was led out of the city once more to explore and try to find the hideout of goblins, and I did find them... after a while..

While I was exploring the deep caves of the Goblins, I found other mysterious creatures, green trolls.
I've never seen them before, I heard Venore used to have a problem with green trolls but I didn't think they existed anywhere else.

After few days at Goblins, I returned to the city and cashed in my task, and I could finally afford my apartment.
However.. I realized I have nothing to use as decoration,
so I might need to explore more and try to find nice things that I can use as decoration.

I heard there's many mysterious things in Weston, and I'm up for the task.
I'm determined, I shall dedicate my life to explore and learn about this wonderful city and island!

RetroCores Staff
Sep 30 2021
Update - new hunting area, Warlocks
Today we're happy to present you with a new hunting area containing warlocks!
A place of magic and inhospitality!

Happy hunting!

RetroCores Staff
Sep 23 2021
Update - new hunting areas, Nightmares, Heroes
Today we're happy to present you with some new hunting places!
A small place of Heroes, great place for the camper

A place of death which you better not go alone in!

Where these places can be found, will for now be a mystery.
Only players themselves can find and tell eachother about these new places!
Happy exploring!

RetroCores Staff
Sep 20 2021
Client update - protection zone icon and store changes

In todays client update, the client will now show with an icon if you're in protection zone.

Additionally to that, we've updated the store supplies there majority of the products now only can be purchased in protection zone.

To update the client you need to do as following:
Windows Client: just restart it, it will update itself automatically.
Wine/Linux client: download a new client.

RetroCores Staff

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