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Mar 16 2023
All worlds will be enjoying a 50% experience bonus between server-saves of March 17, 10:00 CET to March 20, 10:00 CET.
Feb 18 2023
Due to the issues of Amera that occurred on Feb 17, Amera will be enjoying a 50% experience bonus until server-save of Feb 21.
Feb 18 2023
Amera back online after the downtime to research issues!
Feb 13 2023
Client version 1.51 has been released, if you are using the Wine or Linux client you will need to download the latest version manually.
Feb 05 2023
From today, until server-save of Feb 8, 10:00 CET, all worlds will be enjoying a 50% experience bonus, enjoy!
Changelog: Latest entry was made 34 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 32 days ago.

Feb 13 2023
Update 1.51 - stackable runes and vials, performance, better house to depot system
We're happy to present you with update 1.51 which mainly is about performance.

Stackable Runes & Vials
After years of activity, RetroCores ran into the problem that we can't keep mana fluids and runes in traditional manners.
There was too many items, using massive resources of the game and affected everyone in a bad way.
So after a poll there the problems was explained and solution presented, people voted to make supplies stackable.

The stackable vials works in same way as the old ones, they'll also interact with containers that's not stackable, such as cups, buckets, pots and everything else that's capable of holding liquids.

Before this update, the option "remove vial" was only working if you used a mana/life fluids successfully on yourself, if you missed and made a splash on the ground, the empty vial would not be removed.

After this update however, the vial will always be removed when you're using vials, no matter what it contains nor if you use it on ground/yourself.
If you need an empty vial for whatever purpose, take off the client option to remove vial and you'll be fine!

The runes are the same as before the update, they cost same amount of mana, you get same amount of uses per spell, they cost the same on NPCs for those worlds that has finished the world quest for NPC runes.
The only difference is that their weight is changed to account for the backpack you don't use anymore.
For example 20 uhs are considered a bp of uhs, and weight 42 oz now, just as they did earlier when inside a bp.

New house to depot system
When you're leaving a house, your items are sent to the depot of the same town the house is in.
Before this update it would send each item into your depot making it clustered enough for you not to reach the inner depot without having to clean it out.

Now, when you leave a house, the items will be sent in a box to your depot instead, similar to a parcel, there you can easily browse your items without having to clean out the entire depot.

All items that became stackable have been auto-stacked!
With the update, it was needed to save space and resources quickly and also easing the pain of players having to stack the items they already had.
So we've autostacked all items that became stackable on this update.

Items were stacked upwards to the first existing of same item.

Player inventory and depots:
These items was stacked and sent to your home town depot in a parcel crate.
But don't worry about login after update without supplies, this update brings all characters to their own temples, so the depot of the same town you login at, will contain all your inventory supplies.

Other changes/fixes
  • Fixed information and functions on every place affected by the stackable update.
  • Fixed a glitch that made loot window show an item as looted when looting failed due to no cap/space.
  • Fixed so Rashid buys all intended items (he ignored a few).
  • Reduced previous max buy-limit from 2,000 to 200 (10x for stackable, so you can still buy 2,000 vials/runes).
  • Upgraded a few systems on the client to be faster and smoother.
  • Upgraded a few systems in the game to boost the performance.
  • Fixed glitches that caused loot window to not show certain items (show loot from all kills).

RetroCores Staff
Jan 30 2023
Update 1.50 - Spell timers, creature kill counter, new areas and creatures
We're happy to present you with update 1.50 which brings a few interesting things!

  • Cheese and moldy cheese have been made into stackables.
  • Improved loot of Wyrms (Avg loot from 188 gp to 283 gp).
  • Updated exp/h window to display exp-to-level in kk's if it goes above 10kk experience.
  • Task list items now tell their name by moving mouse over the image.
  • Task list items will now bring you to item-information when clicked on.

New Features
We're happy to present you with a few interesting and useful features!
Creature kill counter
This will keep track of which and how many creatures you've killed during your session!
Spell Timers
By going into Options > General and checking "Show spell timers",
you'll be able to keep track of your exhaustion but also how long your spells will last, such as magic shield, invisible and haste.

And when you're neither exhausted, nor have any other spells active, it will look like this.

New Areas and creatures
We're happy to present you with some of our latest editions of both areas and creatures!



High Lizards & Drakens.

Support for item hotkeys
This could trigger a haywire situation so just to make things clear directly.
Item-Hotkeys WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE on every world, in fact, majority of the world and ALL older worlds will still have traditional hotkeys and NOT item-hotkeys.
This topic has also been added to About > Hotkeys.
This is how the classic hotkeys is looking like and that will be default in RetroCores.

With that being said, RetroCores now have support for item-hotkeys, which could breed certain seasonal worlds or maybe even a permanent one there item-hotkeys are offered as a choice of play-style already from the start.
And this is how the hotkeys will look like in such a special world.

RetroCores Staff
Jan 18 2023
Update 1.49 - Latency Protection & Ancient Sorcerers
We're happy to present you with update 1.49!

Latency Protection
After the many occasions of laggs/kicks that's been affecting RetroCores and many other games/websites around America/Europe, we had to design a new protection system to ensure players feel safe to play even when the latency goes haywire.

This system will detect if players are having increased latency or kicks, and take actions accordingly.
There's two layers of protection, tailored for best experience in the game.
Lets face it, death should cost you, so it can't always be there to save you.

Private Protection
This protection activates when a group of players are having connection issues, and only protect those that is actively having connection issues.

Global Protection
This protection activates when a large part of the players are having issues, and at point everyone will be protected against deaths.

How does it protect you?
If you were to die while being eligible for protection, you would be kicked instead of killed, and you'd log back into the game with full health and mana in the same place there you died.
When you login, you'll be protected from creatures/damages for 10 seconds, with a countdown showing when the protection wears off.
During the protection from creatures you cannot move, the 10 seconds is to give you a moment to get ready for whatever you're facing.

If you have already "died" with protection, you'll be sent to your temple instead to avoid abuse there players try to rush hard places/quests.

If you had bad luck and died right before the protection kicked in, you'll be compensated!
You'll shortly notice that your experience, skills, blessings and possible AOL is returned to you so it's like you never died.
However, if you drop items in that death, they're not compensated but you'd have to try to regain them either by going back or asking friends.
The compensation is only for exp, skills, bless and AOL.

Note however, this compensation is only if you're eligible for it.
If you die naturally 2 minutes before something goes haywire, you'll not be compensated.

Ancient Sorcerers
We're happy to introduce you to a very powerful creature, for the higher levels to enjoy or getting mauled by.
These fun little devils are ancient sorcerers.

Additional to them, we've added sandstone scorpions which might be fun for little lower levels to try out.

Other that than, I leave up to players to explore and figure out where they are and how to get to them.
Enjoy the hunt!

Coming updates
In a near future we'll be seeing more areas and more creatures to hunt.
Along with that we'll of course see a few new tasks as well and a few new items along the side.

RetroCores Staff
Dec 31 2022
Happy new year!
We would like to wish a Happy New year to everyone!

We hope you've had a great 2022 and that you'll end up having an even better 2023!

as a good end of 2022 we're going to share a little statistics how RetroCores behaved in 2022!

In RetroCores on December 31 there was:
  • 106,156 accounts
  • 19,139 deleted accounts (cheating)
  • 23,979 banishments.

  • 680,709 Unique IPs checked RetroCores
  • 106,556 downloaded windows clients
  • 4,744 downloaded wine clients
  • 2,578 downloaded linux clients
  • 43,599 downloaded minimaps

  • 30,459 inactive characters deleted (fail to login for level*30 days, period of entire 2022)
  • 46,226 characters
  • 1,302 in Rookgaard
  • 8,222 Sorcerers
  • 4,316 Master Sorcerers
  • 6,918 Druids
  • 2,665 Elder Druids
  • 8,126 Paladins
  • 3,221 Royal Paladins
  • 8,805 Knights
  • 2,651 Elite Knights

We hope that you've enjoyed RetroCores in 2022 and we hope you'll continue to enjoy it in 2023 too!

RetroCores Staff
Dec 25 2022
Merry Christmas!
We would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

We hope you'll have a wonderful end of the year 2022 and of course that you enjoy RetroCores!

RetroCores Staff
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