Feb 19 2020
Elysia world transfers have now been opened!
Feb 19 2020
Antica is now online again after the maintenance!
Feb 18 2020
Tomorrow, on February 19, Antica will be offline for a few hours to address the ping-spike issues.
Feb 02 2020
We've added Two-Factor Authentication to website and IP-Lock feature to the game, it's recommended that you setup your account security to be as secured against hacks as possible!
Jan 31 2020
Client version is updated to 1.12! You need to restart your client and let it update itself. If you use the Wine or Linux Client then you need to download it manually!
Changelog: Latest entry was made 11 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 12 hours ago.

Jan 22 2020
Update 1.10 -Client performance and improvements
We're happy to announce that we've once again upgraded the client to become even better!

To begin with, we have a completely new walking system and lagg-walk features that will impress!
You're going walk smoothly, even if you're having over 300ms ping!

Along with this, we've also made a completely new auto-walk system.
Some people had laggs when walking far or around moving creatures when they minimap-clicked.
With the new system, you'll never have those problems again!

Along with that, we've upgraded the player-trade window!
Not only does items traded show up in 2 falling rows, but also information on top showing how many items are being traded!

We've also upgraded the Battle-list!
It's smoother, faster and more accurate than ever!
Also we removed the filter-toggle arrow from the list and created a small cute button on top-right corner to toggle the filter instead.

The client updates are so extensive that CAMs recorded from 1.05 and below is not supported in the new client.
However, we have created a CAM Client that people can download and use to watch older CAMs.
More information on that can be found in the Public Cams.

If you happen to get issues with the new client:
If you feel laggs or other issues, you might need to delete your config files of the client so they're reset to defaults.
Or easier, delete the old client and just download a new one.

And as always promised, RetroCores will NEVER reset, NEVER go offline!
We hope you're enjoying RetroCores, and that you will stay with us for a very long time!

RetroCores Staff
Jan 15 2020
Testia -The Test-Server for future developments of game and client

Today we've created a new world solely for the purpose to run tests!

Testia is a world there people can login to have some fun and help out testing things that needs to be tested before taken into the real worlds.

Test-Server means that changes and rollbacks can happen at any time without notification.
Also the Test-Server is not presented in highscores nor latest deaths.

Beware that punishments such as banishments and deletions affect your enire account!
So getting banished in the Test-Server will mean that you also get banished from the normal worlds!

Rates of Testia:
Exp: 20x
Regen: 20x
Skills: 20x
Magic: 3x
Loot: 10x

Other features of Test-Server:

  • You don't have to learn spells.
  • You don't need blank runes to create runes.
  • Conjured items will have 10x more charges.

Also Testia offers an NPC in every city depot that buys almost everything Djinns/Rashid would buy!

Sometimes Testia will be running on a client version higher than other worlds, and when that happen you will need to download the approved client to login to Testia.
The link below will always give you the latest version of client, so if you in future find you can't login to the Test-Server because outdated client you can redownload it from below.
Test Client Download.

The approved client for testing, is a Wine version.
Which means it can run on Windows and Wine applications.
It also means that the client will not automatically update itself when necessary but you will have to do it manually by downloading a new.

What's the first thing to be tested?
We are going to test so that the new client 1.06 is running smooth and that everything works fine and that the client handles the new systems for the client nicely too.
The biggest client feature is a whole new lagg-walk system which will allow you to walk smoothly even with high speed characters far above 200ms ping.
Also a whole new path-finding system that will make your character walk more smoothly when there's creatures around you, also that your client wont freeze if you click on unreachable places in minimap.
Other than those two there are multiple system improvements of the client, and we need to make sure there are no "accidental bugs" since the changes are so extensive.

If you find any issues, you can report them in this forum thread.

RetroCores Staff

Jan 06 2020
Harmonia -The new European NON-PVP world!
Are you someone who loves to play online games but hate you could get randomly killed by others players?
Then Harmonia is something you'll love!

On January 10, 18:00 CET (8 hours after SS), we are opening Harmonia which is our new NON-PVP world in Germany.

Harmonia will not allow world transfers for a significant amount of time.
We hope to see many new faces to this world with more controlled PVP-Rules.

Notice that Guild-War exist on NON-PVP too!
Which means that if you at some point would like some blood-action, you can so in Harmonia!

It's not possible to create characters in Harmonia until 1 hour before the launch!

I also feel it's important to mention again that RetroCores WILL NEVER reset nor go offline!
You can feel safe playing RetroCores without being scared to lose your endless of hours of effort put into building your characters!

RetroCores Staff
Dec 31 2019
Happy new year!
We would like to wish a Happy New year to everyone!

We hope you've had a great 2019 and that you'll end up having an even better 2020!

as a good end of 2019 we're going to share a little statistics how RetroCores behaved in 2019!
In RetroCores on December 31 there was:
22,346 accounts
4,420 golden accounts

98,367 Unique IPs checked RetroCores
23,875 downloaded clients
8,429 downloaded minimaps

32,784 characters
13,095 in Rookgaard
3,333 Sorcerers
1,279 Master Sorcerers
4,640 Druids
1,007 Elder Druids
3,771 Paladins
1,116 Royal Paladins
3,815 Knights
728 Elite Knights

How people were spread out on December 31, 17:00 CET

Where people have died, the last week of the year 2019

We hope that you've enjoyed RetroCores in 2019 and we hope you'll continue to enjoy it in 2020 too!

RetroCores Staff
Dec 29 2019
Update 1.05 -Client performance, -Windows | Wine | Linux- all available!
We are happy to announce that we've upgraded the client when it comes to performance!
The client will be able to offer more FPS and smoother gameplay for everyone but will be most noticeable for people playing on weaker computers!

To show difference between client 1.04 and 1.05 we've used a CAM from when Antica launched.
Due to the many players that rushed Antica the first seconds on November 8, Some people experienced client laggs and even some freezes due to the enormous pressure the client had to show you everything that happened in such small area.
Here you can see client 1.04 having 27 FPS

And here you can see the client 1.05 which has over 1,000 FPS in the same situation!

Along with this, we're also happy to announce that the Linux-Client is finally back!
It has full support again starting from version 1.05!

If you're using the windows client all you have to do is restart the client and it will update itself!
If you're using the Wine/Linux client you need to download the new client manually.

We hope you're enjoying RetroCores and that you'll stay with us for a long time!

Again we'd like to point out that RetroCores will NEVER reset, NEVER go offline!
We're here to stay, no matter what!

RetroCores Staff

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