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Dec 02 2021
Client version 1.32 has been released, if you are using the Wine or Linux client you will need to download the latest version manually.
Nov 27 2021
A few players didn't receive what they ordered through the store last night, this issue has been fixed and all affected purchases have been removed and points returned to the original accounts.
Nov 22 2021
Client version 1.31 has been released, if you are using the Wine or Linux client you will need to download the latest version manually.
Nov 18 2021
Client version 1.30 has been released, if you are using the Wine or Linux client you will need to download the latest version manually.
Nov 18 2021
We're expecting to release RetroCores 1.30 (Weston Update) few hours after today's server-save, When the update come you'll be notified 20 minutes before the actual update and once at update website and worlds will be offline 5-20 minutes.
Changelog: Latest entry was made 1 day ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 39 minutes ago.
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Oct 17 2021
Weston Teaser -Part 2, The adventures exploration of the new island
After a great time of advancing my fighting skills, I've become more powerful and can easier explore what this island contains.
I decided it was time to explore deeper in the new island.

I went out from Weston, and started checking out caves, it didn't take long until I found Rotworms.

I was told I could find a camp of vile creatures, human alike, maybe they're even humans.
I don't know, they're called Amazonians, I've heard about them, people talked a lot about them.
I gathered instructions how to find them, and headed out to find them.

While searching for them I got a little lost, there was this half-destroyed mountain I had to pass, but all the rubble made it quite hard to pass, and there was a lot of snakes, which is a nasty creature.
But finally I found my way through without getting bit once!
I crossed a river on a hidden path and there it was, I found their camp!

To be honest, they were smaller than I expected, the stories I've heard made them sound so big and strong, but they weren't much bigger than me.
But they are quite dangerous, they threw knives after me, I managed to dodge them but it felt very hostile.
As I explored their camp, I came across something.. a treasure..
I wonder, is it possible to obtain it?

I saw that I'd have no chance on claiming that treasure, but I'll keep my eyes open and my ears sharp, maybe there's someone out there who got clues.
After a few moments of inspecting the treasure, and dodging knives the Amazons threw at me, and the spears the Valkyries threw, I decided it was time to go and explore somewhere else.

I took a new heading, I walked far and true, and in the distance I saw a ruin.
I decided to check it out, and I arrived to a surprise, the ruins was large and was overtaken by Minotaurs!

I explored the ruins a bit, and I found out they're very large, enormous.
When I went down the stairs, the ruins passed on into a large cave system.

As I explored, I faced a few guards, Minotaur Guards, and they were not friendly.
They were very dangerous, I had no choice than to flee.
I decided to move on, and keep exploring the world best to my abilities.

After a good walk, I ran into another camp.. claimed by Cyclopses.
I've never faced Cyclopses before, I've heard about them, and to be honest.. they're much larger than I thought, and they tried to hit me multiple times, I did my best to run and keep my distance.

I knew already there, I was too weak to explore this place, even though there was a very interesting cave nearby.
So I continue my search for interesting things to explore.. or well.. to be honest I ran like hell the at first.

I came across a river, I couldn't pass it, but as I followed the river I found a passage to the other side.
I didn't explore it very long, because I got scared as hell, when I realize I walked straight into a dragons nest!

And it stood clear for me.. I am not ready to explore this massive yet, I need to get back and stay closer to Weston, and focusing on getting more skilled and experienced in fighting techniques.

And so be it, I will do everything I can to get as skilled as possible..
Because.. soon I will have to face my first dragon.. and continue exploring what this island hides!

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