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Dec 02 2021
Client version 1.32 has been released, if you are using the Wine or Linux client you will need to download the latest version manually.
Nov 27 2021
A few players didn't receive what they ordered through the store last night, this issue has been fixed and all affected purchases have been removed and points returned to the original accounts.
Nov 22 2021
Client version 1.31 has been released, if you are using the Wine or Linux client you will need to download the latest version manually.
Nov 18 2021
Client version 1.30 has been released, if you are using the Wine or Linux client you will need to download the latest version manually.
Nov 18 2021
We're expecting to release RetroCores 1.30 (Weston Update) few hours after today's server-save, When the update come you'll be notified 20 minutes before the actual update and once at update website and worlds will be offline 5-20 minutes.
Changelog: Latest entry was made 1 day ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 1 hour ago.
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Nov 02 2021
Weston Teaser -Part 3, The adventures growth
It's been long hours, days.. even weeks, training my skills, sharpening my techniques, preparing for the beasts I might encounter.
I am ready, and I am strong. I am anxious to get back to exploring the outer Weston.
I left on an early morning, I planned to check out those dragons again,
but it would be a waste of time and resources if I went back the same way I ran home.
I took a detour, going eastwards, to make sure to explore everything I could on my way to the dragons!
Not a chance, I'll miss out on a beautiful place by being in a hurry.

Shortly after my departure, with the sun rising in the far east, I came across a land that would seem to belong to orcs.
I found a hill that caught my eye, and it was as beautiful as simple.

I found stair and decided it could be a fun opportunity to explore what's down there.
As I was exploring, I realized that the deeper I got, the more dangerous it became.
Lucky me, I am faster and stronger than ever before. An orc, true berserk, tried to ax me with a long ax.
Thank god I caught the ax with my hand, leaving his body entirely open for a counterattack.

As I went deeper, more and stronger orcs tried to get me, without success.
I was shocked to find such beautiful places, and I did not expect a.. hole.. filled with orcs.. to have anything beautiful in it.
I stand corrected. It was an amazing experience exploring this cave, even though it smelled a bit like rubbish for the most part.

I decided to leave the orc's and continue to explore elsewhere, and I felt the time was running away a bit too much for one place.
So I started moving towards the dragons, and thanks to my detour, I was sure to arrive there by paths I had not yet seen.
It didn't take long until I came across a dead land filled with dead trees.
I thought it was spooky at first, but then I thought to myself, what's the worst that could happen?
Soon after, I encountered undeads.. skeletons.

I got curious, why is this land partly dead? why do undead creatures inhabit it?
I found some weird structures, some weird stones that were everything but natural.
I'm wondering, can there be a more profound secret resting here?
I found a tiny house, hall.. hehe, I'm not sure how to describe it, a mountain hill shaped into a house.
Anyway, it was a bit too complex for ghouls and skeletons to create, so I wanted to figure out what more this place is.

As I explored their deeper halls, I came across some ruins.
My mind started to go crazy, not a chance some ghouls and skeletons built this.
Something else must be hidden here, something ancient.

To my surprise, I discovered an underground castle filled with undead creatures.
And to be honest, I got a bit scared. I got a look at a necromancer,
a master of death, the one who can summon spirits from their graves.
I enjoy spooky things just as much as the next person but seeing a master of death,
and you find you'll have a hard time standing straight.
And the chills on your back, up to your neck.. I might not be in imminent danger,
but to be honest.. I ran out as quickly as I could.

I left the undead's land and continued on my hike, and it hit me.. the cyclopses!
I wanted to know what they hid. The last time I saw them, I was weak and ran for my life.
It's time to face those giants, see how far I can go, see what they're hiding.

I went there as fast as I could, I knew where they were located, I recognized the hills near them.
And sure as daylight, I found them, and I immediately went down to explore what they might hide.

As you can imagine, cyclopses are big, they're strong, but they're not very fast.
With my training, new skills, and speed, I could easily dodge them and strike them down one by one.

After a while of exploring, going deeper and deeper, I came across a relatively large area filled with even stronger cyclopses.
They were equipped with strong armors and large hammers, but I was happy to discover I could easily dodge them too.

As I went further into their place, I realized.. there's more than cyclopses here.
There are even bigger giants living down here. They were strong and incredibly fast.

One caught up with me and hit me in my chest. For a moment, I lost my breath.
I changed my path and started running back from where I came from, and I don't want to be hit like that again!
Horrible enough, one of those bastards threw a rock in my back, and it hurt more than I can describe.
My back hurt immensely, but no wonder.. it felt like I was hit by Mount Sternum.

I then continued towards the dragons, and I knew they were close.
After following the very same path there, I've been running in panic some time before,
and I arrived at the place where I first saw the dragons.

Fearlessly, I went in, and I spotted a dragon which came after me.
It spewed fire, but I dodged it just fine. Finally, after much fighting, scratching, and flaming, I took the dragon down!
It's true what they say. Your first dragon is a unique experience, a special moment, one that you will never forget.
And I doubt I ever will forget this moment.

I continued to explore the dragons' place and found they didn't only have high hills, but there were caves.
I went down to explore and see what the caves might have to offer.

As I was fighting my way through the cave, getting deeper and deeper, I came across these giant and red dragons.
They were dragon lords, I fought one, and I killed one.
It was more aggressive than a typical dragon, but I was very good at dodging the flames it spews out surprisingly often.
It was a good fight, and it's clear to me, I am much stronger now. I can explore much more than ever before.
But even though that, I had one weakness against dragon lords.. my feet.
They're burning, dragon lords aren't only trying to cook you. They put entire areas into flames.

I returned to Weston, for rest and recovery to fuel up for the next adventure.
And I'm very determined. I will explore more places, and maybe I will find more dangerous places!
I don't mind. I want to know what I'm capable of. I want to see what strong beasts are out there.
However.. I don't want to face those damn giants again, throwing rocks at you.
I'd rather have my feet burned off than get another Mount Sternum thrown at me again.

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