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Nov 01 2019
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Nov 01 2019
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Should POI Quest be included in RetroCores?

Should we keep Pits of Inferno in RetroCores?

We have kept the POI quest from MasterCores for now.
The reason for it, it's a quite fun quest after all, a lot of challenge, especially in 7.4.

However, we now want to know what the community thinks about it!

There are the normal POI monsters (but with 7.4 loot, so no items from higher versions are dropped by them)


These are few of very few "custom items" in RetroCores.


As seen, POI monsters doesn't drop anything that wasn't available in 7.4.


These are the items obtainable from POI quest.

So please, vote your opinion about this quest, should it stay or not?

Results (275 votes)
Yes, just like it is!
35.3% (97 votes)
Yes, but I'd like changes to it (discussion on discord for wishes/suggestions)
9.1% (25 votes)
No, it shouldn't be part of RetroCores.
50.9% (140 votes)
I don't care if it's included or not.
4.7% (13 votes)

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