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Oct 05 2020
Shhhh!! Soon..
Sep 26 2020
Elysia is experiencing problems in the host, the issue is related to the dedicated company and not the world itself. We're in contact with the company and trying to figure out what causes the downtimes of Elysia.
Aug 07 2020
An issue with shop point scrolls that didn't add the shop points to your account have been fixed and points for used scrolls have been added to the people who used them.
Jul 26 2020
The loginserver is running properly again, after an unexpected reboot of the dedicated the loginserver went offline and made people unable to login.
Jul 08 2020
Due to a glitch in a core system it was impossible to login to any world except the war-server. This glitch have been fixed and all worlds are working as intended again!
Changelog: Latest entry was made 50 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 24 days ago.
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7.4 styled Liberty Bay?
There's been a lot of requests more more areas/towns for a while now.
So it's time to see what the community would think about a 7.4 styled Liberty Bay.

Please note that nothing will happen unless majority of the community approves!

If majority approve Liberty Bay, it would be a 7.4 styled map containing:
  • Liberty Bay
  • Laguna Islands
  • Treasure Island
  • Nargor
  • Meriana
  • Forbidden Islands

NOTE, All creatures would have 7.4 adapted loot, which means they will not drop wands or whatever items that doesn't already exist in RetroCores!

Creatures that would be included:
  • Tortoise
  • Cults
  • Pirates
  • Wyrms
  • Island Trolls
  • Blood Crab
  • Quaras

You can find the thread of discussion here:


Would you like to see a 7.4 styled Liberty Bay in RetroCores?

Results (583 votes)
78.7% (459 votes)
17.3% (101 votes)
Don't care.
3.9% (23 votes)

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