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Oct 05 2020
Shhhh!! Soon..
Sep 26 2020
Elysia is experiencing problems in the host, the issue is related to the dedicated company and not the world itself. We're in contact with the company and trying to figure out what causes the downtimes of Elysia.
Aug 07 2020
An issue with shop point scrolls that didn't add the shop points to your account have been fixed and points for used scrolls have been added to the people who used them.
Jul 26 2020
The loginserver is running properly again, after an unexpected reboot of the dedicated the loginserver went offline and made people unable to login.
Jul 08 2020
Due to a glitch in a core system it was impossible to login to any world except the war-server. This glitch have been fixed and all worlds are working as intended again!
Changelog: Latest entry was made 50 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 24 days ago.
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You can only vote once per account and IP addressnoneNovember 18th 2019, 15:09 CETNovember 18th 2019, 18:42 CET

World in Brazil?

Due to discussions and arguments, another poll will be created tomorrow providing a few more options and limit there only South Americans can vote.

After checking around, checking deals and researched it, we are considering opening an extra world in Brazil to promote RetroCores in South America which would bring even more players to RetroCores.

RetroCores are growing quickly, and a Brazilian world could mean 500-1000 more players during peaks.
We are currently the leading option of oldschool gaming in Europe and North America, it would be awesome if we could make that entire America!

However, due to the high costs and maintenance to keeping a world in Brazil, it wouldn't be a permanent world.
With that we mean, we will try keeping the Brazilian world up for as long as possible, but if it gets less than 200 players online starting 2020, it would eventually have to be merged with Danera, which means no reset of accounts/characters but only that characters are transferred to Danera.
Antica and Danera is permanent worlds however, they will always be around no matter how many players are on them!

Where would the world be hosted?
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Would this affect Antica in a negative way?
-No, players who's happy in Antica wont transfer to a Brazil hosted world.
(200+ ms ping between Antica and the BR city)

Would it affect Danera in a negative way?
-Not really, sure Danera might experience a slight drop in players but would quickly gain more as more spawns would be available, which would balance out quickly again
(You know how it is in RetroCores, crowded as hell, if anything gets open, people are going there quickly).

Would this BR world be permanent?
-As long there's 200+ players online it will stick around, so as long people are happy about RetroCores and keep playing it's staying.
Worst case if it would die out at some point is that it would be merged with Danera in Miami, so we still promise no resets of accounts nor characters!

Will this BR world start as a fresh world?
-Most likely not, transfers will probably be available from the first day or it would be incredible unfair for BRs who already spent long time getting out of Rookgaard in Danera.
And RetroCores is still a new game, we gain more and more new players daily, so a need of a fresh world doesn't exist.

When would this BR world start?
-This week, probably before Friday of November 22.
IF the community give their blessings, of course.

Like promised, we don't do changes in RetroCores unless we have the blessings of the community!
So, please vote!

Results (264 votes)
I agree that an extra world in Brazil would be a good move for RetroCores!
64.4% (170 votes)
I disagree.
25.8% (68 votes)
I don't care.
9.8% (26 votes)

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