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Sep 16 2021
Don't be fooled by disinformation campaigns made by immature people! Read more at our FAQ: Disinformation campaigns, trolls and haters
Sep 07 2021
On September 17, the new 2x rated world will be launched, the world name and details about it will be available within the next few days.
Aug 25 2021
Tomorrow, on August 26, Zenera will face the end of the first season, this means that the world will be wiped clean and all characters existing on it will be converted into pools of exp/skills/magic that's added to the account of the characters. More information about this can be found here.
Aug 15 2021
Isara is back online after an unexpected reboot of it's dedicated server that left the world closed.
Jul 04 2021
Between Server Saves of July 5 and July 6 there will be patches done on Core-Series global network nodes around the world, this may cause some to get higher pings while nearby nodes are taken offline for the patching, if you happen to get sudden raise in ping it will return to normal within a few minutes. The work on the nodes will not cause any disconnections, only higher pings for affected players depending on which nodes they're connected to at the time.
Changelog: Latest entry was made 1 day ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 17 hours ago.
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Disinformation campaigns, trolls and haters
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Quite often there's disinformation campaigns against RetroCores, to stay safe and sure you should never trust information given on other platforms then the official site of RetroCores.
This even includes RetroCores discord, which often too is target of disinformation attacks.

When you're hearing "bad things" about RetroCores, just take a moment and think who's the most likely to profit from spreading the lies and disinformation.
Whoever profit the most, is often the source of the campaign.

Campaigns like this are often peaking when there's competitor games launching or that recently launched.
So when there's a lot of disinformation, hate or trolls it's likely because a competitor of RetroCores is launching another game.

This is a very ugly game provided by those who cannot play fair over the many players in the field.
It's a sign of weakness that a game has to resort to bad behavior to "win" players over.
In RetroCores, we don't believe in disinformation campaigns nor hating/trolling towards our competitors, we prefer winning our players with quality and stability.

This goes for DDos attacks too, lots of competitors use them trying to disrupt the service of their "enemies", and it's a bad and horrible way trying to prove themselves.

Here we're providing a few campaigns that has targeted RetroCores.
Note however that we're not mentioning every single campaign, just a few that needed to calm people.
And by the date provided, many people can figure out who's the source of the campaign.

September 2021, claiming RetroCores allows botting

This faked image was spread around on social media recently, and some various incorrect stories, on the right side you can see the original frame.

And here's the original image/gif they took the frame from:

The original can even be found on latest news.

Now, with the disinformation it claims botting is allowed in RetroCores.
It's not, we've deleted over 15,000 accounts in 2 years, that number says something completely different than that we'd allow cheaters.

However, there's 1 world in RetroCores there botting is legal, and that's in Lutabra, which is a Lawless world.
Any other world, cheating leads to deletion.


More disinformation campaigns will be added as they show up.
We might also add older campaigns from the past.

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