Dec 03 2019
Client version is updated to 1.03! You need to restart your client and let it update itself. If you use the Wine Client then you need to download it manually!
Dec 03 2019
Notice: Server-Save of December 3, 10:00 CET will be prolonged by 5 minutes due to maintenance to the networking system (updating it).
Dec 01 2019
Ho ho ho! Santa has been spotted in RetroCores, carrying a huge bag full of gifts. Have you been a well-behaved and obedient RetroCorian?
Nov 30 2019
Cams are being sent from the worlds to the cam-server now! However it will be a while before all new cams are available consider there's 28,000 cams to be transferred.
Nov 30 2019
RetroCores Wine Client is now available for version 1.02! You find it in downloads.
Changelog: Latest entry was made 4 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 9 hours ago.
Character:Admin Marcus
Family:Wife (28), daughter (5), dog (2)
Languages:Swedish, English
Joined:May 22 2017

  • Administrator
  • Founder of RetroCores
  • Website developer, designer, maintainer
  • Game developer, designed, maintainer
My name is Marcus, and I'm the sole creator of RetroCores!
I'm a simple guy that loves being near nature, and I care a lot for the well being of the nature.
I'm also the honest guy, I wouldn't lie, steal or hurt anyone for any reason. not by intention at least.
During my young years I grew a huge interest in building codes, and I'm also fairly stubborn, I'm not the one to give up for any reason.
Most of my skills are self taught, out of pure stubbornness, which gave me an additional very valuable skill.. I can get into a new area and learn it very quickly without help from others.
This came very handy when I was building games, websites and did everything myself.
Today I'm a true all-around handyman, everything from codes, to installing and setting up computers on various operation systems.
I did attend to a programming school some year ago, however I quit it when it turned out that I knew more than the teachers.
While other students was building calculators, I was writing game engines and map editors for fun as a school project.

Character:Admin Caleb
Family:Wife (25), Ferret(2)
Languages:Dutch, English
Joined:Apr 04 2018

  • Administrator
  • Staff Coordinator
  • Support Member
Hey RetroCoreians !
My name is Caleb aka Ralumbi, I might be one of the newer players of Marcus his productions. I have played some on ClassicOT, DarkOT and the 2012 version of RetroCores. You won't remember my name very well since I am always been playing as a 'loner'. I've started tibia when I was at the age of 11 (winter 7.1 I believe) which was too young to understand the mechanics of the game, but I have been enjoying it a lot since then, been playing some what casual until 8.6 which made the game ruined for me. But after all, there was a guy named Marcus and brought back the old 7.4 community !, this made me feel the game again. Since I was a loner I was always happy to help where I can when new players came in and thought them everything I thought myself in-game. My interests are Coding, Scripting and ruining my own life :). I am always there to help, anyway as some of you may know a question answered by me can end up with in a conversation filled with dry humor.
Don't hesitate if you are in need of a chat !

Community Manager
Character:CM Grajoo
Family:Brother and Sister
Languages:English, Polish
Profession:E-sport live trader
Joined:Apr 04 2018

  • Gamemaster
  • Support Member
  • Forum Moderator
Hello there,
many may know me from DarkOt or other Markus servers such as Thorsan or ClassicOT (Ive played under nicks like Grajoo, Goku). I start playing Tibia when i was 13 so around 14-15 years ago. Because of huge experience my knowledge about Tibia lands is sort of massive i would say.
I left my previous life in November 2017 to come to Philippines and start new chapter of my life. My passion is e-sport (both as work and as a playing games - specifically League of Legends, where I'm in balance of Challenger/Master Tier ) and basketball - i used to play semi-professional until injuries kinda destroyed my plans. I'm easy going person who likes to joke around but when it comes to make hard decision - ill not hesitate.

Community Manager
Character:CM Hankan
Family:2 Brothers
Languages:English, Swedish
Profession:Student (Game development)
Joined:Aug 22 2018

  • Community Manager
  • Head Gamemaster
  • Support Member
  • Forum Moderator
Hey there! My name is Anton, I am a 20 year old swede with an insane passion for games. I got introduced to gaming by my brothers at a very young age, and I have only gotten more into it as the years passed. And I don't plan on stopping anytime soon as I am currently studying to become a game developer!

Looking forward to helping all of you, feel free to message me!

Community Manager
Character:CM Hoot
Family:Brother and cat
Languages:Italian, Portuguese, English, Spanish
Profession:Music Producer/Sound Designer
Joined:Nov 01 2018

  • Gamemaster
  • Support Member
  • Forum Moderator
Hey, I'm Gio, I'm an Italo-Brazilian guy passionate about games, especially Tibia, which I have a particular affection! as many here, I have a story with this game that goes beyond a decade, during that period, I build a lot as a player and also as an enthusiastic developer. I am an extremely curious person, although a bit introspective! Despite this, I love a good conversation and I am very direct and clear in my ideas. When I'm not in tibia, I make music! I really like the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčexperimental music, but I also do sound design work and produce for other musicians. At the moment I am finishing my university of commercial music and sound engineering. During free time, I like to play games and watch series.

When I was called to implement the staff of RetroCores, I was able to see mainly the seriousness of the server, which, in my opinion, is the key to success. One thing I have seen over the years is that the Tibian community has lost the notion of "seriousness," often not understanding how important this point is.

I will always be willing to help the players base!

Character:GM David
Family:Wife, Kid, 1 Brother.
Profession:All around Handyman
Joined:Apr 04 2018

  • Gamemaster
  • Support Member
  • Forum Moderator
I'm David, just a normal guy like you. Been here supporting Marcus' community for a while now. Was a GM in the last DarkOT stage before RetroCores.
I've played numerous games and have a vast knowledge that is easily transferred cross platform.
There's nothing which I can't play. I'm a straight up and honest guy, I'll tell you how it is I don't beat around the bush.
I always try and be as helpful as I can in each specific situation as I know we all have different needs/learning capabilities.
I'm here to make the game as joyful and as fun for us all. I'm very casual to gaming now as I used to be very competitive in my younger years. However, I got to the point where I just started to enjoy games for what they are and not taking anything too seriously. Even myself.

Don't be afraid to say Hi!
If you enjoy random news, images and sometimes clues.. Our facebook is the right place to be!
Chat with other RetroCorians!
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